Changing of the Guard – Welcoming a New Watcher!

Hello Weasel Watchers! A mixed post by me, Terry Trippany, your old watcher! As of today I pass the baton off to council member Soccer Dad who will take over my duties as The Watcher.

While this is a sad event for me it will certainly be exciting times for the Watcher’s Council.  Soccer Dad will become the third Watcher for a site that has been on line for at least 6 glorious years.

We have come a long way in that time. The earliest record of the Council dates back to August 27, 2004, where the Way Back machine archives the original site.

Here is how it looked back then:

I will continue to work with the Council as “The Watcher Emeritus”. My role will be a technical role. A role that builds on my strengths and works better with my schedule. Time willing I will return with more regularity to Newsbusters.

Please give Soccer Dad a warm welcome. David will continue the great tradition of the Watcher’s Council and introduce a fresh new perspective.

Remember, a weasel only wins if you let him get away with his weasely ways! Please help the council to expose such weasel’s by passing our posts off to your friends. If you have a blog and have written that great post please send an e-mail to .

Thank you for your support. We couldn’t do it without you.