CIA Agents Cheer Trump – ‘Feud’ Is Just Another Fake News Story

Donald Trump Tweet Israel

President Trump’s very first stop on his first full day in office was at CIA headquarters, where a capacity crowd of 400 agents, analysts and other personnel were there to here him speak. Remember, According to the Washington Post, New York Times, CNN and other fake news purveyors, the personal of the CIA hate the new president like poison. Instead, the rank and file CIA agents turned out to cheer Trump, their new president.

So here we have VP Mike Pence and President Donald Trump talking to them directly, telling them about their new Chief Mike Pompeo, commending them and letting them know that they can expect full backing in doing that vital job they do for the American people from him, as only Donald Trump can. As the CIA Assistant Director who introduced him remarked they could only accommodate 400 people, and there were many more who wanted to come to hear Trump’s remarks. This is a new chapter for our intelligence services.

This was simply a commanding general rallying the troops, letting them know how important they were and the great things they were going to accomplish together. And they loved every minute of it.

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