CNN’s Pushes Lie that Antifa is a Black Organization.

Antifa? A Black organization?  Says who? No one ever, nor is Antifa perceived to be.

CNN is fake news did it again.  On Tuesday night during CNN’s “The Situation Room” with Wolf Blitzer, the CNN panel engaged in the usual fear mongering and anti-Trump propaganda.  Propagandist, Jeffrey Toobin  managed to upstage the whole panel with his statement that President Donald J. Trump at a dinner the evening before with Christian pastors sent a dog whistle to the effect, “‘I’m Donald Trump and I’ll protect you from the scary black people.” Toobin then went on to say the following:

Antifa is widely perceived as an African-American organization, and this is just part of the same story of LeBron James and Don Lemon and Maxine Waters and the NFL players and the UCLA basketball players … This is about black versus white. This is about Donald Trump’s appeal to racism and it just happens all the time. And we never say it. We don’t say it enough for what it is, but that’s what’s going on here…

See video below:

The coward, Wolf Blitzer, along with fellow propagandists on the panel gave Toobin a pass as did the other globalist media outlets complicit in the deception.  Cherry-picking, the usual suspects are parsing Toobin’s words to push the lie that Trump is warning his white supporters about scary Black people.

Compounding the insanity CNN’s favorite queen, Don Lemon, gave violent Antifa thugs yet another pass.

It is fundamentally racist that CNN would push the narrative of Antifa being a Black organization.

In reality, it is Progressives who are spinning the disgusting scary Black people propaganda and as always accusing the President of being a racist although an abundance of evidence exists that refutes such lies.

Let’s start with the mugshots and videos of Antifa thugs, the overwhelming majority of whom are white, privileged trust fund babies.

Breitbart News by Justin Caruso

What Toobin said is simply false–as anyone who has seen photos or videos of most Antifa knows, the group is overwhelmingly white.

TPUSA’s Candace Owens, a prominent black conservative commentator, blasted CNN and Toobin on Twitter Wednesday.

Owens also tweeted that CNN was “being horribly racist” by blaming black people for Antifa violence[…]

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Owens is right.  Why is no one calling out Toobin’s blatant lie that violent Antifa thugs is Black and perceived as such?

Why the perception?  Because Antifa thugs don black clothing and hide behind Black masks? Are you freaking kidding me? All of those damned white trust fund babies under those masks, there is no way that these Occupy Wall Street  Marxist dirtbags are perceived as Black Americans. That is BS!

If that is the mindset that Marxist elites are following, such a mindset is RACIST.

As for blithering race baiting idiots LeBron James, Don Lemon, Maxine Waters, Kamala Harris, Al Sharton, Jesse Jackson, Beyonce, Jay-Z, Snoop Dog, Oprah, the NFL and UCLA basketball players, etc., they are all paid operatives, i.e., whores shilling for a seat at their globalist plantation slave masters’ (Soros comes to mind) tables.  They do not speak for me or most Blacks in America.

The following video is a compilation of Antifa protests and riots courtesy of Infowars.  While the whole video which contains advertisements is worth checking out in its entirety, at 06:10 of the video, a Black man gets into a heated exchange with an Antifa female who calls him a Nazi.  These people are nuts.

Below is more footage of Antifa thugs carrying signs that read, “We will defend our communities” while burning the place down and bashing in heads.

What do the Antifa thugs wearing Black and hiding behind their masks have in common?  They are all Caucasian male and/or female, Occupy Wall Street, Occupy Oakland, Occupy Portland trust fund babies and like OWS, the communities that they are destroying are not their own.

WARNING:  The following video is  EXTREMELY VIOLENT

As NOT reported by the Communist media complex and when they do report the violent acts of Antifa thugs, they justify it as a war against Trump supporters and white supremacists.  Anyone watching these videos can see that the real white supremacists are Antifa.

Progressives hope to push their agenda on the blood and bodies of dead Blacks.

Jeffrey Toobin is a liar but there is also a reason that he’s trying to link Antifa violence to Black Americans.  Toobin is doing the bidding of his deepstate masters, the goal of which is to lure Blacks into the streets of America to fight alongside these Antifa thugs.

The deep state, at war with President Trump along with Democrats, their Communists counterparts, pundits and NeverTrumpers in collusion with the media need desperately to have a Black person killed in the streets of America at the hands of a police officer or a Trump supporter during one of these riots while cameras conspicuously placed and rolling.

If not killed, then damned near beat to death will do.  Moreover, the assailants need not be a police officer or Trump supporter because the lying media will take care of the narrative.

Plotting these narratives is not new.  For decades, going as far back as Bill Ayers of the Weather Underground and then some, the left has worked to bring Blacks into their war on America which has nothing to do with the plight of Black America.  Progressives believe that if a Black person is killed during a protest or riot, an enraged Black community will come out en masse thus furthering the Progressive agenda.

This is who they are.  Once again, Progressives prove themselves to be the real racists, not Donald Trump, his supporters or the pastors who dined with the President.

OMG! Look at all of those scary Black people….NOT!

CNN who never shows Antifa attacking Black officers and calling them the “n” word has outed themselves yet again as agents hiding under the Progressive banner that thinks nothing of co-opting Black America to push fake news and propaganda.

I would love to see #AntifaSoWhite trending on twitter.

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