January 22, 2018

Colombia: FARC is world’s 3rd richest terrorist organization

The Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia, FARC, are the world’s third richest terrorist organization, according to a report published by Forbes:

3. FARC – Annual Turnover $600 million
FARC, the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (Fuerzas Armadas Revolucionarias de Colombia), is an underground Marxist and anti-imperialist activist group and a key player in the bloody struggle that’s ravaged Columbia for more than 50 years.

Region: Colombia.

Main funding sources: drug production and drug trafficking, kidnapping and ransom, mining of minerals (especially gold), fees and taxes.

Purpose: elimination of the capitalist regime and the establishment of a Marxist-socialist welfare.

ISIS  and Hamas took first and second place on the list.

The pricey “peace” agreement Colombian (and U.S.) taxpayers will be financing:

Over 10 years, the costs of post-conflict programs is expected to reach $16.8 billion, or about 1% of Colombia’s gross domestic product.

The “peace” agreement will give the FARC, an organization whose purpose is the “elimination of the capitalist regime and the establishment of a Marxist-socialist welfare,” ten unelected seats in Colombia’s Congress.

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