What all the Comey testimony boils down to

James Comey

Despite his self-serving, Hamlet-like presentation (all that mental anguish — sheesh!), Comey is nothing more than a malevolent anti-Trumper.

As best as I can tell, the following is the gist of the Comey testimony: I don’t like Trump. I tried to destroy Trump’s presidency. When I failed, I leaked a government document in the hopes that a special prosecutor who’s a friend of mine could destroy Trump. End of story.

Everything else is just window dressing — and it’s particularly nasty window dressing given that Comey was relying, not on best practices, experience, or hard facts, but on feelings, nothing more than feelings.

Comey is a very little man tucked away in a tall canister. He’s caused immeasurable harm to the American political process, starting with his willingness to whitewash Hillary Clinton. He identified her crimes, all of which constitute manifest violations of explicit laws, and then appointed himself a beneficent judge, jury, and executioner. From that start, he’s traveled a steady path downhill.

I’d actually be more forgiving of Comey if he made no bones about being a stone-cold, self-serving political operative. What’s so sickening about him is his pretense that he proceeds from patriotism and moral rectitude. It’s entirely possible that he’s even convinced himself of this lie, but his actions prove otherwise.

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