A TV commercial I’d like to see about illegal immigration

standing in line illegal immigration analogy

On illegal immigration, today’s young people cannot understand what “the rule of law” means. But maybe you can phrase it in terms they understand….

One of the most devious tactics the Left is using lately is to conflate legal and illegal immigration. Most conservatives (like me), support the former and hate the latter. My hostility to illegal immigration arises, in no small part, because supporting illegal immigration destroys the rule of law in America. A country without the rule of law starts to look remarkably like Putin’s Russia or half the countries in Latin America.

If you try explaining the rule of law to a Progressive or to a young person raised in a Progressive environment, you usually get a slack-jawed, blank-eyed stare. They no longer have the mental equipment to understand these concepts. Thinking about those people, I came up with my idea for a commercial.

The scene is a movie theater on the day a much-anticipated movie is opening. Teens have been waiting in line for hours to buy tickets. Suddenly, they notice that a door far to the Left of their line is open and that a steady stream of people is jogging down the sidewalk and ducking into the theater through that door. After a few seconds of incredulous silence, those standing in line start speaking up.

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