By Jeffrey A. Friedberg, ex Street Private Eye:


HIYA KIDS! Hiya, Hiya, Hiya!

No! It’s not the ANDROMEDA STRAIN!

And no, we’re not “all gonna die.”

If you have it—it might be nothing: a bad cold. Or, you might die. But not many people seem to have it. Those who die seem mostly old or sick. Not as many as get regular flu. And it’s nowhere near the reach and scope of SARS. Which was a whole ‘nuther panic, of and in itself.

Forgotten. Because Precious Peach Obama was President, and liberal lying bastards in the media never went near it—or him, in all his lying Glory.

It seems to me that the current toilet paper panic, which came FROM CHINA—the Wuhan Flu, the Kung Flu, or the Egg Flu Yong—whatever—Is, 500% liberal media hype, and, .1% maybe, possibly real.

HOWSOME-EVER! It is nothing to panic about, and no reason to shut down the American economic engine.


I’m sick and tired of hearing and reading about it.

OK, it’s real, but it’s also way overhyped. It’s liberal-engineered, and a running plot to, “Get Trump.”

Kids—they believe—the libs—that they finally have got ahold of something to “bring him down.” Except it won’t. It will backfire, like everything else against Trump has done.

Because Americans are uninformed, stupid, and self-centered, yes, but—by and large—they are not crazy.

Watch the libs broker in a woman…oh…say…maybe Hillary Clinton. Because they think that will get them the white house; especially when she taps some “woman of color,” to run as her vice president.

Because this Bitch Witch Hillary Clinton, knows the ONLY way she can stay out of jail is to run for office.

And win.

And let the flying blue monkeys handle anybody who says, or even thinks a single word against her.

Because that’s Exactly how totalitarian, commie, bastards like Saul Alinsky, Fidel Castro, Joe Stalin, and Hillary Clinton operate.


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