Damn Those Extreme Right Wing Tax Day Tea Party Terrorists, DAMN THEM!!!

Today is a very busy day for Americans. Across the country “right wing extremists”, i.e. Americans opposed to the Obama administration’s disastrous economic policies, are holding Tax Day Tea Parties.

Detractors on the left, especially those in the mainstream media have decided they dislike this event so much that they have resorted to calling these protests “tea bagging”; something most of them probably know about from first hand experience if I had to wager a bet; especially Anderson Cooper and Jane Hamsher. With the exception of Hamsher this is a sure sign that they are worried about grass roots efforts in opposition to “The Socialist One”. (as far as Hamsher goes I think it just might be envy considering her high profile appearance at the left’s failed April 11th protest of dozens).

In any event the right wing terrorists did exactly what terrorists usually do and held food drives, protested peacefully and did the un-American thing and practiced their right of free speech. Michelle Malkin has great coverage as usual.

Meanwhile the left got their panties all up in a bunch over such displays.  The Washington Post followed the lead of many by citing manufactured polls showing support for bigger government and screeds like “41 percent of respondents believe lower-income people are paying their “fair share” of taxes, while 39 percent say they’re paying “too much.”

The Secret Service shut down a Washington protest in front of the White House; something that has Obama’s dictation takers over at the Huffington Post reporting with glee.

The New York Times lent its anemic staff to an even more anemic report that tried to argue that the protests were backed by big money on the right. This from a newspaper that gave MoveOn.org a discount to attack American Hero General David Petraeus; as if the New York Times had any credibility to start with.

All in a days work!

Speaking of work don’t miss this week’s submissions by the Watcher’s Council. They are all a great read and will be voted on Thursday evening. Until then, don’t let the left get you down!

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