Democrat Insanity. I Don’t Care If The Demented Democrat Liars Even Come Up With “Video Tape of Kavanaugh raping” Somebody 30 Years Ago

“THE TRUMP-OLUTION” - Original Photos Unknown - JAF IMAGES
“THE TRUMP-OLUTION” - Original Photos Unknown - JAF IMAGES

Democrat Insanity.

I don’t care what new, Democrat insanity or lies the god-cursed, socialist, commie bastards come up with about Judge Brett Kavanaugh. It makes no difference to me. It doesn’t matter to me.


The Democrat ”leadership” and its enablers in the demented propoganda arm of its captive media, drug addict “entertainers,” and zillionaire kneelers, cannot be believed because they are skull-popped liars and  apparent maniacs.

Anybody who wants to vote for them and maybe even put Hillary Clinton or some other god-cursed loon into the Presidency can do so. I don’t care about that either.

If anybody believes the lying drama and swill spewed by Democrat, lunatic “leadership,” then they deserve what they so powerfully and violently seem to desire to receive.

GONE are the days of “reasonable” discussion. Hubert Humphrey and Politics are dead. Politicking is broken and no longer works—if it ever did.

President Donald Trump KNOWS this. Anybody of a similar mind knows this. Trump does not seek to “look whoa Presidential and govern.”

No—Trump seeks to correct a hundred years of violent Evil done to America by these same, lusting, unsympathetic, unstoppable, socialist bastards. Trump seeks to throw off the distortions, tattoos, brandings, and piercings upon the festered body of Obama’s, goddamned, “fundamentally transformed America.”

Democrat Insanity – Destroy Conservatives:

Everything I need to know about so-called, “politics,” I learned from watching Dr. Pimple Popper on YouTube.

In my opinion, “enough is enough.” WHO the hell is/are the target audience of these perverted Democrat “leadership” creeps—probably not one of who could stand real scrutiny, investigation, or substance abuse testing. Their audience seems to be illegal aliens, criminals, addicts, “victims,” perverts, and—basically—anybody who is not normal.

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It’s time to pop the pimple, drain the abscess, and remove the cyst. Let’s get this confirmation over with—and then, let the games begin.


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Avatar To Steelman:
The Borg left’s true problem with Kavanaugh is that he defines normality; he’s a red-blooded American Constitutionalist.
Across the board, the left defines abnormal.  
The left’s whole goal is to drive society toward abnormality. Leftists are narcissists who happens to be abnormal in many other ways; thus, they see normalcy in other people as a flaw that needs to be fixed. This is why the left has completely redefined normal to be abnormal and abnormal to be normal. The left epitomizes mental illness, they need to be removed from society and placed into an asylum.If Kavanaugh, a Ward Cleaver protégé, cannot be confirmed – no one can.

#confirmKavanaugh – the people demand it.

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