Democrat Traitors – The Lying, Traitorous Dems

Democrat Traitors – The Liar, Traitorous Dems



If you can’t name what it is, then it can’t be found and cured. After today, nothing matters.

It’s 4 AM, and I’ve just made a preliminary scan of today’s “headlines.” I’m somewhere between irritated and not caring. The chair I’m in hurts my ass, as do the so-called, “headlines,” and the lying, traitorous, democrat infection they carry.

Continued lies, open threats, and violence—perpetrated by the left—are from some other World. Like Hieronymous Bosche’s painting: unknowable, unlookable and unCola.

Hieronymus Bosche, The Graden Of Earthly Delights—DETAIL. 1503 AD.
Hieronymus Bosche, The Garden Of Earthly Delights—DETAIL. 1503 AD. – Democrat Price For Their Nightmare “One-World.”

With nothing worthwhile to sell or promote—other than their demi-god, Obama, offering smelly liberal masses his fricking wife’s fattening doughnuts yesterday—the democrat left can only turn to robbery and murder for survival. They have nothing else. Nothing to offer; no reasoning; no sane policies.

And when they lose their asses in these so-called, “midterm elections” today, there will be Hell rampant.

“Progressives” will also lose their heads on the guillotine of Trumpism—Truth, Justice, and The American Way.

“Never Trumpers” will be kicked in their rabies-infected teeth.

“Deep State” operatives and and their mad-dog, nightmare, One-World, ugly, old, foreign billioniare front-men will be required to report the loss, in person, to their pissed off Masters—and, hopefully, will die, on the spot. “Of natural causes,” really fast.

America. The Flag Waves....
America. The Flag Still Waves….

The time has come to surgically excise—to cut out—National traitors and demolitionists from the pure American body, like the pustulant cancer they already are. It has to be done before the walking, talking, lying, democrat death finally kills us all.

Democrats—the lying sonsabitches. The perverted, drug-infested bastards.

Call it what it is, or you can’t find it—to remove it.

The time for “polite reaching across the aisle” is long gone, as proven by the democrats’ insane, orgiastic, Kill Kavanaugh Circus. And by their ongoing campaign for dominance, rule, hatred, and death.

The message is this: don’t be polite: democrats are evil, deranged liars, enemy collaborators, provocateurs, and traitors. There is no magical curative language lurking in the empty words of politicians.




And away.

Democrats are not the party of JFK or Hubert Humphrey: those are dead.

JFK - Hubert Humprey - True To The Former Democrat Party
JFK – Hubert Humprey – True To The Former Democrat Party




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