Disneyland Silences Ret. Marine’s Voice for Recording at Flag Retreat Ceremony

Ret'd. Marine Corps Sgt. Ernie “Gunny” Napper during Disneyland flag retreat ceremony

How low will Disneyland continue to sink? Is Disneyland at war with American workers and our values?

For the past several years, Disneyland more concerned with profits has been working overtime to decimate its American workforce by replacing its IT staff with foreigners entering the USA under the  H-1B visa program.  Laid off American IT employees who were forced to train their replacements lost the first round of a lawsuit in court when a judge ruled that Disneyland did not conspire against their American employees. The battle in court continues.

Is Disneyland at war with American workers, our veterans and our values?

In the name of progress, Disneyland last month silenced the voice of Retired Marine Corps Sgt. Ernie “Gunny” Napper, member of Disneyland Resort Security who after the lowering of the flag during the park’s  daily Flag Retreat Ceremony thanked our veterans for their service with a recording of the 68 year old Marine’s expression of gratitude to the men and women who served in the U. S. Military, “To all who stand here today and have served our nation, on behalf of Disney Resorts and our grateful nation, thank you for your faithful service to America.

Fox News

 Disneyland told Fox News that Napper still “regularly” takes part in the ceremony, along with two dozen other “cast members.” The resort made the change “to provide a more consistent guest experience, and more important, to ensure all guests can hear the remarks.”

A Disneyland spokesman continued, “We understand that he has personally told his leader that he thinks it is better now that everyone can hear what is being said.”


Pure spin from Disneyland’s public relations.

Still, Napper himself told the newspaper: “A recording doesn’t speak with passion from the heart.”

Other visitors said they weren’t happy….

“They’re sterilizing a very personal, powerful part of that ceremony where Gunny connects with the veterans,” Susan Emslie told the paper. She is a self-proclaimed first-generation Disney kid who was in the park the first week it opened in 1955.

“It breaks his heart to know he has to stand there silent now,” she said, referring to Napper.  

“Progress is great, but sometimes sad when traditions are changed — Gunny Ernie Napper was one sharp dude, but he’s a Marine and Marines are totally sharp,” California military vet Gary Washburn wrote on Facebook Saturday[…]

Disneyland is on the wrong side of history.

Like so many others opting for political correctness and inclusivity, Disneyland is on the wrong side of history.

Ret. Marine Corps Sgt. Ernie “Gunny” Napper holds a special place in his heart for WWII veterans*

Mr. Napper, served his country, twenty-one years as gunnery sergeant from Vietnam to the Gulf War. He started working with Disneyland, Anaheim, California in 1992; it is then that thanks to Mr. Napper, who conducts the Saturday Flag Retreats, his acknowledgement and expression of gratitude to our veterans for their service and sacrifice that the ceremony became a crowd draw to Disneyland. (See: “I Support the Disneyland Flag Retreat Ceremony”-Facebook page link here.)

OC Weekly

…On busy Saturdays, it attracts passersby and garners a crowd of 30 or 40 people…in the shaded benches that circle the flagpole, sits a group of veterans and military families less invested in the Mouse’s pomp and circumstance than in the community the ceremony has unintentionally created thanks to park security guard Ernie Napper.

Though the ceremony starts around 4:30 p.m., the group begins arriving several hours earlier, catching up over Frappuccinos from the Disneyland Starbucks and staking out spaces on the benches for the regulars who trickle in. The attendees include Charlie Carmack, a 90-year-old World War II veteran from Livingston, Tennessee, who served for three years in the Navy, weathering typhoons and Zeros aboard the famed aircraft carrier USS Essex CV-9. And Don, a Vietnam War vet who can name the make, model and destination of the military planes that pass[…]

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As it is with heroes, the threat of rain does not deter them from the task set before them.

As you can see in the videos above along with the many circulating on the internet, Mr. Napper has become a celebrity of sorts at Disneyland  adding a special touch to to their flag retiring ceremony that draws in veterans and their families like bees to honey (no pun intended).

A recorded message is cold, dismissive, lacks that personal touch and sensitivity toward Disneyland’s visitors, in particular our veterans, their families while sending the message that all including Mr. Napper are now considered irrelevant, as ordained by an entity once referred to as “The Happiest Place On Earth.”

Disneyland having sold out Americans and our nation’s values has lost its halo.  Don’t believe me? See Business Insider’s 2017 article “Anaheim isn’t ‘The Happiest Place on Earth’ “, better yet google, “Disneyland is no longer the happiest place on earth.”

It certainly does appear that Disneyland’s lack of American values, respect for Americans and for the sake of profits and political correctness opting instead for a voice recorder, an illegal alien workforce, community and the crime factor as a result will before long seal Disneyland’s fate.

How say you?



*Image source:  I Support the Disneyland Flag Retreat Ceremony (Facebook page)



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