Do Inaccurate Polls Abet Voter Fraud?

The idea of one man, one vote, implicitly implies: one man, only one vote.

One of the reasons I believe that polling is so overblown, consider Hillary over Trump in 2016, Biden over Trump in 2020, is to mask, to a certain extent, voter fraud. We have been treated to, in recent times, reports of precincts where more votes were cast than the number of registered voters. This points to obvious voter fraud. It is a physical impossibility to have more legal votes in any given precinct than you have registered voters. Even if you had 100% turnout, which is highly unlikely, you have voter fraud.

This was one of the goals of groups like ACORN, which would register voters like Mickey Mouse, the starting lineup of the Dallas Cowboys, etc., and some people laughed, thinking, “No one is going to go to the polls and try to vote as ‘Mickey Mouse’.” True. But it inflates the number of registered voters. The more registered voters you have, the easier it is to slip in illegal ballots, without detection.

For example, let’s imagine a township of 100 eligible voters, which has a fairly high registration rate of 85%. Turnout for most elections is also high, at 40-50%, or at least was considered high 20-30 years ago. Under those conditions, a majority of approximately 42-43 people determine the outcome of the election.

If someone submitted an addition fifteen fraudulent registrations, it might be seen as implausible, but not impossible. Hard to prove without an intensive search. Assuming our 43 loyal voters are pretty evenly split, an extra fifteen illegal votes would insure an almost certain victory in any election, a 37 to 21 break, with 58 total votes -less than the total of either registered or eligible voters. Under those circumstances who would even raise an eyebrow over the results. Because, we trust our elected officials to protect us from that sort of thing, right?

But it seems our current generation is not leaving anything to chance. More and more “amateurs” are trying their hand at voter fraud. We are ending up with precincts which have more registered voters than eligible voters, according to the census. We have elections with even more ballots than registered voters, as well. What percentage of our elections are being swayed by illegal votes? One is too many. Our Republic is governed by the consent of the governed. I am perfectly willing to be on the losing end of any vote or proposition where the votes are honestly tallied.

The idea of one man, one vote, implicitly implies: one man, only one vote.

Ballot harvesting must be made illegal nationwide. There is far too much opportunity for vote tampering and fraud when you interrupt the chain of custody of the vote. There should be a “positive purge” of voter registration record to eliminate those who are dead, or moved, whose numbers increase both the possibility of voter fraud, but obstruct its detection. Penalties for voter fraud should be increased, and in my humble opinion, people who commit voter fraud should themselves be disenfranchised, to where they lose the right to vote, to have any say in the governance of this country.

And polling? Again, it’s a managing of expectations. if in our mythical township of 100, the “polls” indicated that all your neighbors favored a candidate or a proposition by 15%, (when in fact, it was illegal votes that favored the winner), most people would just shrug, accept the loss and go on with their lives. That’s why we need transparency and accountability.

One man, only one vote.


Mike writes at Proof Positive

Photo by Max Gaines