Does our president have any empathy at all?

Let me tell you racists something

Obama, the Great Divider!

My belief is, and has been, that our president is a Marxist to the core, so it should come as no surprise that he may care little for human suffering. Take the current tragic flooding in Louisiana. Our president has put vacationing, and golfing before going to Louisiana, or even offering soothing words. And, when he finally does address the hurting people………And, when he finally does address the hurting people……… he offers insulting rhetoric revolving around, what else RAAAAACISM! Or as Jeff Dunetz puts it he is a schmuck

Ladies and gentlemen, there is only one way to put it, Barack Obama the President of the United States, is a schm**k.  He finally sent a message to flooded Louisiana. Was it words of comfort? Not Barack Obama.

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  1. Narcissists are by definition incapable of empathy. Marxism has nothing to do with it – beyond the fact that narcissists seem attracted to the doctrine (just as they are to fields like investment banking, acting, and of course politics).

  2. The race baiter in chief can’t travel to Louisiana because he’s too busy failing to improve his golf game but he has plenty of time to further ignite the race wars.

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