Donald Trump: Destroyer of the old globalist order

A friend told me something very significant: This election is not between leftist and conservative or Democrat and Republican. It is, instead, an election pitting the globalists against the populists (or patriots, if you prefer).

On the one hand, the Hillary hand, you have people:

  • who don’t care that jobs are being lost in America, as long as jobs are being gained in India;
  • who don’t care that illegal aliens are pouring into America because the globalists think borders are irrelevant;
  • who are comfortable with one of the highest corporate tax rates in the First World because they think American corporations (aka, employers) shouldn’t have an unfair advantage against other worldwide corporations, including those propped up by socialist governments;
  • who think the Constitution is burdensome and antiquated;
  • who believe that government is the answer, no matter the question;
  • who judge people by the color of their skin rather than the content of their character;
  • who refuse to defend America against unnamed terrorists because it’s morally wrong for America to act in her own defense without UN pre-approval, and who therefore accept endless low-level terrorism;
  • who think that the biggest threat facing the world is climate change, never mind that the bulk of the apocalyptic climate change predictions have been proven wrong; and
  • who generally think Americans are rubes, Europeans are the gold standard, third world nations must be kept helpless, and Muslims are victims of unemployment (which makes it kind of ironic that these same people are so comfortable with keeping Americans unemployed).

On the other hand, the Trump hand, you have people who, while not lacking in compassion when they see Third World struggles abroad, think that, in airplane parlance, you must first secure your own oxygen mask before taking care of those less able than you. These are people

  • who insist that America, as a sovereign nation, can secure its borders so that Americans are safe from predators, terrorists, resource hogs, and unfair job competition;
  • who make sure that American employers, large and small, are competitive so that American workers can have jobs — at which time we teach those skills to other nations that need to help their economies grow;
  • who name America’s enemies so that we can fight them (something that is a truly internationalist approach because, in this existential war, America’s enemies are the enemies of freedom, security, and decency in every corner of the world);
  • who refuse to see America become subordinate to the UN;
  • who judge people by the content of their character rather than the color of their skin;
  • who are certain that the American Constitution is the gold standard for governance because it elevates individual liberty over government control, an ideology that, until attacked from the Left, created the most free, most wealthy, most powerful, most generous nation in the history of the world (and I mean generous in terms of money given and in terms of blood spilled to help those less fortunate around the world);
  • who have noticed that the climate change predictions that the Left has seized upon to force redistribution of wealth both inside and outside of America fail to pass minimal tests for scientific relevance and trustworthiness; and
  • who know that, overall, the American people are damn fine people who have an inalienable right to a government that supports their liberty, rather than one that subordinates them to the career politicians’ endless dreams of perpetual power.

Although the bulk of globalists are Democrats, there is another significant constituent group in this globalist party:  Traditional GOP power players. They too believe in open borders, the UN, high taxes, European virtue, anthropogenic climate change, and the fact that it’s better to let Americans die in endless low-level terrorism than to mention the phrase “Islamic terrorism.” They are aligned with the Democrats, although simply less strident. James Taranto long ago classified them as people who share Democrat values, but just want to try to keep America’s books better balanced. They are, in other words, cheap Lefties. Their antipathy to Trump comes about not only they really do dislike his personality and politics, but because they are desperate for approval from the globalist media and the globalist D.C. establishment.

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