Double Live ACORN

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In an unprecedented move I voted against my own submission that was in a two way tie for the crown of best non-council submission. This would have given me my first ever two week in a row victory but unlike our raconteur in chief it is not all about me.

The author of the best non-council post was none other than rocker extraordinaire Ted Nugent. I must admit, I became aware of Ted Nugent first hand in high school as a fan in the audience at the madman’s Double Live Gonzo Tour in 1976. If I remember right Nugent was wearing some sort of leopard like garb and actually swung onto stage via a rope. Of course my memory of that night might be skewed by time and the event at hand.

In any event Ted Nugent deserves the first place recognition not for who he is as a rocker but who he is as an American; which is in my opinion is everything that Barack Obama is not! He is patriotic, unapologetic for American exceptionalism and has a grasp of history that your standard leftist community organizer has never even thought of.

Here is an example of Mr. Nugent’s exceptional nail on the head assessment of Barack Obama:

Do not forget, Barry O is supposed to single-handedly repair America’s international image.  Write this down: by the time we toss him out of the office he was hopelessly ill-equipped to fill, Barry O will have damaged our international image far worse than what the peanut head from Plains, Georgia had done. And we must not forget that President Carter has never met a terrorist regime he did not admire.

Imagine for a moment if you were the president of a country that is a strong ally of America.  Ask yourself this question:  With Barry O as president of the United States, can I really trust America to be there if I need them? Case closed.  Never trust a president who, as Charles Krauthammer recently wrote, finds himself on the side of Hugo Chavez, Daniel Ortega and the Castro twins as Barry O has done in support of the ousted socialist Honduran President Zelaya. My dear old US Army drill sergeant dad told me repeatedly, “tell me who you go with and I’ll tell you what you are.” Now I get it.


Barry O gave an anti-American speech to a bunch of Christian-hating Muslims in Cairo where he was given a lukewarm reception even though he did not utter the very appropriate word “terrorist.”  What a pathetic joke to not have the moxie to even say the word.  Instead, Barry O has the audacity of ignorance or hate of all things American because he apologizes for America at every opportunity, which, in my opinion, is the ultimate sin against America.

You will note that Barry O has yet to give a rousing, pro-America, pro-freedom, pro-free market speech to our closest allies or even to America.  Reason:  Barry O does not believe that individual freedom, capitalism, and American prominence are something to be exalted and admired.

Normally I’d say ’nuff said but Nugent had much more to say. It is a must read!

The winning council side article was penned by The Provocateur.  In that post he takes on ACORN, that criminal enterprise that just so happens to be protected by Barack Obama’s justice department and a complicit media because neither of them hold the sanctity of the American vote to their chests. In fact they have so much disdain and contempt for such notions that they are willing to sell out this country for the sake of their own political motives.

What if I told you that there was an organization who’s long time leader hid a million dollar embezzlement perpetrated by his brother? What if I told you that this leader told eight of his deputies and each of them made a commitment to keep the embezzlement hidden from the rest of the organization? What if I told you further that this organization is really a collection of two hundred plus loose affiliates most of which just happen make their home office the EXACT SAME ADDRESS? What if I told you that this organization uses the tax laws to created a maze of money that makes it nearly impossible for any watch dog to track it? What if I told you that current and former insiders accuse this group of misusing funds, voter registration fraud, embezzlement, mismanaging pensions, and co mingling government grants so that they aren’t used for their intended purpose? What if further I told you that these very insiders were removed from the organization and even retaliated against for making these charges? You’d probably say that this organization is rotten to the core but also that the revelation of all of this has likely made them so toxic they couldn’t function. If that organization is ACORN, you’d be right on the first, and wrong on the second.

ACORN is rotten to the core and in need of major reform but they continue to function and even thrive despite the public record being filled with so much evidence of criminality that it’s not unfair to refer to them as a RICO organization. (Racketeering Influence Corruption Organization) They are allowed to function because the media in general has done an awful job of getting to the heart of the story. The MSM has simply ignored their criminality and then subsequent influence over our political structure.

The Provocateur has been covering the ACORN shenanigans for quite some time. Please visit each of the links above to see the unbelievable amount of evidence against them.  You might also want to see Michelle Malkin’s great coverage here.

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