Drama Queens and Faux Fear on the Left


by Robert J. Avrech

Endlessly and tediously we hear about the fear that grips the Hillary dead-enders. They are afraid that Donald Trump is a fascist demagogue.

Which is quite weird because these are the very same people who are grief-stricken over the death of the fascist demagogue Fidel Castro.

Let’s be clear. Donald Trump is closely aligned with conservative Republicans (just look at his transition picks) in the belief of limiting the power of the administrative state. It is the left who believes that big government is the answer to, well, everything. It is the left who seek to concentrate power in the federal government and expand its endless regulations. Thus, it is the left who have true totalitarian impulses.

Those on the left who claim to be afraid do not act like people in fear. In fact, they act precisely like people who are not afraid.

As a young man in yeshiva I witnessed the Student Struggle for Soviet Jewry. Close friends traveled to the Soviet Union where they smuggled siddurim, prayer books and other religious items, to the oppressed Jews of the Soviet Union.

Soviet Jews would never stand up in a public square and list their fears. If they did they would lose their jobs, their apartments, and frequently disappear into Lubyanka prison or a frozen gulag.  Thus, all conversations were clandestine. And always was the fear that the KGB might penetrate these secret meetings.

That was fear.

The drama queens of Hamilton were clearly enjoying themselves when they boasted of their fears to Vice President-elect Mike Spence. Their little performance was faux fear.

I have close friends here in Los Angeles who emigrated to America from Persia in the 1970s. Some still have relatives in Iran. And the fear of what will happen to their relatives in the Mullah-mad land compels their grim silence. One wrong word and a relative can be arrested as a Zionist spy and then publicly hung.

That is fear.

There is a loose group of Hollywood Conservatives called Friends of Abe.

The first rule of FOA is: No one talks about FOA.

Because Hollywood liberals are the most intolerant creatures this side of Che. I know several stars, screenwriters, directors and producers who belong to FOA. They live in fear that their membership will become public and they will become unemployable.

That is fear.

The American left have a nostalgia for oppression. More than anything they seek to portray themselves as members of some martyred minority. But they are only projecting  their totalitarian instincts onto American Conservatives.

The only thing the left fears is losing power.

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