Elizabeth Warren, A Heartless Liar

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Mollie Tibbets was a 20-year old Iowa student with a loving family and her whole life ahead of her.

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She went out jogging on July 18  around a neighborhood in her home town, Brooklyn, Iowa a small community of 1,500. Then she had  the misfortune to run into an illegal migrant, one  Christhian Rivera.

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Her dead body was subsequently found in a nearby cornfield where it had lain for over a month. Surveillance cameras showed Rivera and his car. He was subsequently arraigned and charged with first degree murder. Rivera admitted chasing Mollie Tibbets, and admitted to abducting her as she ran on a country road  after which he conveniently claims he ‘blacked out’ and remembers nothing. Since it was Rivera who led the police to Molly Tibbets’ ravaged body, it’s obvious his memory isn’t so bad at all. .

Rivera, a Mexican national had been living in the United States illegally for at least four years, using a stolen ID .

Rick Rahn, a special agent in charge for the sector at the Iowa Division of Criminal Investigation declined to give many details about Tibbetts’ killing, but he did say that Rivera told investigators that he saw her running, approached her and ran along side or behind her, even admitting that Tibbetts had grabbed her phone and threatened to call the police. He continued to pursue her and then abducted her, Rahn said.

It is also speculated that a sexual assault was involved, although no details of the autopsy have yet been released. Let’s hope not, but it’s hard to think of any other reason for the 24-year-old Rivera to chase and then abduct a young 20-year-old girl.

When Senator Warren was interviewed on CNN and and asked a question about Mollie Tibbets’ murder, Here’s what she said…

“I’m so sorry for the family here, and I know this is hard not only for the family but for the people in her community, the people throughout Iowa, but one of the things we have to remember is we need an immigration system that is effective, that focuses on where real problems are.”

She then went on to talk about ‘immigrant’ children being  taken away from their mothers., and how we ‘need immigration laws that focus on people who pose a real threat. And how “separating a mama from a baby does not make this country safer.”

Translation? Gee, it’s too bad about Mollie Tibbets, but let’s get back to the real topic, how illegal migrants are suffering, how we need to bring in more  and how evil Trump is to separate babies away from their mammas.

This, from Senator Elizabeth Warren, who was one of the loudest voices calling for abolishing ICE and immigration enforcement. As such, as far as I’m concerned, she and those like her are accessories to Mollie Tibbetts’ murder and the murder of all Americans murdered by illegal migrants.

Elizabeth Warren’s attitude is the same as the one the got the illegal migrant killer of Kate Steinle acquitted by a jury in San Francisco…where else?

It’s difficult for me to moderate my language when faced with this level of hypocritical lies and inhumane lack of compassion.

Guess what senator… Mollie Tibbets has been separated from her parents and loved ones forever. And all you can say is that this is ‘hard for her family?’ and go on to use this as a political attack against President Trump? Do you have any idea of what it was like for Mollie Tibbets’ family and loved ones for over a month to not know what had happened to their child?

To search every day for her, always hoping beyond hope they might find her? To wonder if she was alive or dead? To pray that all that had happened was that she’d been kidnapped and would someday be released alive to return to them? Can you even imagine the torture they suffered, the not knowing? And how they felt when her body was found, left untended for over a month in a cornfield? And their feelings about the way she died,  assaulted and murdered, and the fact that their daughter’s death was almost certainly prolonged and painful?

And that she would be alive today except for the violent assault on her person by a man who should never have been in this country? Who wouldn’t be in this country except for people like you who dowhatever they can to obstruct ICE and border control?

You actually had the nerve the gall to talk about immigration, as though this man was an immigrant when he was nothing of the kind. And to try to connect it with President Trump, when we both know that is a blatant lie.

Senator Warren, anyone who researches the policy of separating the children of illegal migrants from their parents learns that infants are not separated from their parents, that the real forces behind the current policy were the ACLU and the infamous 9th Circuit Court of Appeals, and that the policy was expanded during the Obama Administration.

Obama prosecuted mothers for coming to the United States illegally. He fast tracked deportations. And yes, he housed unaccompanied children in tent cities.

One of the most controversial measures that Obama took was to resurrect the almost-abandoned practice of detaining mothers and children to deter future illegal immigration. That led to a federal judge in California ruling that the Obama administration was violating a 20-year old case, known as Flores when it kept families detained for longer than 20 days.

Where was your voice then,Senator Warren? What did you have to say when Obama was separating children from their parents?

Even worse,it has come out that the Obama Administration was so anxious to bring  as many of these unaccompanied illegal migrant minors and young men into America as possible that many of them were actually released into the hands of sponsors who were human traffickers.

In July 2015, the U.S. Department of Justice indicted a ring of traffickers led by Aroldo Castillo-Serrano and accused them of smuggling children into the United States. They were also accused of lying to Health and Human Services’ Office of Refugee Resettlement (ORR) by posing as relatives in order to gain custody of children in its care and use them for forced labor. And they were by no means the only ones. They were simply the ones that got caught, after which there was a determined attempt by the Obama media to hush things up and move on.

But Senator Rob Portman (R-OH) made enough noise about this that he actually forced a  Senate subcommittee investigation, which found that the ORR was incredibly lax in screening sponsors and were  totally inept in protecting the children in the agency’s care. Among other goodies, the report found that in 2014, “HHS permitted a sponsor to block a child-welfare case worker from visiting with one of the victims, even after the case worker discovered the child was not living at the address on file with HHS.”

There was little followup except to throw the mess in the hands of the HHS and Department of Homeland Security. And since the Obama Administration declined to release records showing where these illegal migrants were so they couldn’t be deported (remember that one?) little was actually accomplished and there’s no real account of how many illegal migrant kids were released to traffickers.

Anything to say about that, Senator Warren? I sure wasn’t able to find anything.

Even more disgraceful, back in May 2018 , over a long weekend for maximum exposure of course, heart rending photos were released of  children laying inside a chain-link fence cage and  started  flying around the internet.  President Trump was horrendously attacked. New York Times Magazine editor-in-chief Jake Silverstein among others spread the photos around, saying things like, “all of these photos are disturbing, but the first two are especially awful.”

CNN’s Hadas Gold described the pictures as ” Photos of separated migrant children at holding facility.”

Actress Rosanna Arquette called it a “sick crime against humanity.”

Except the photos were actually from 2014, when Barack Hussein Obama was president!

I’m certain Senator Warren had something to say about the evils of Trump. And I’m also certain, just like the media, she simply shut up once she realized she’d been pranked. And the media? Don’t make me laugh! Maybe a short paragraph on page a-17 in small type a month later if that.

And here something even more damning. There are very good reasons for separating these ‘children’ who are mostly near adult teenagers or even in their twenties from the people who claim to be their parents.

For one thing, just because a group claims to be a family, doesn’t mean it’s true. The Department of Homeland Security says that from October 2017 to February 2018 it saw “a 315% increase in the number of cases with minors and adults fraudulently posing as ‘family units’ to gain entry.”

It also allows DHS to have additional time to investigate whether these really are their parents, rather than traffickers. And to check these ‘children’ for things like communicable diseases.The Senator’s nonsense about ‘mommas and babies being separated’ is simply untrue. DHS has a policy of not separating infants from their mothers.

Not only that, but  there is a legal process for seeking asylum that won’t involve any separation at all. All a family needs to do is show up at a port of entry (in this case, ‘port’ means an actual border crossing site) to make an asylum claim.

The only time illegal migrant parents are separated from those who might or might not be their children is when they are caught crossing illegally, which is a crime. Just like any American citizens guilty of a crime. The kids get separated so ICE can check the parents for previous illegal entry attempts (a felony), any criminal records or outstanding warrants, etc.

So now that I’ve shown that Senator Warren is a disgraceful liar, I’ll wind this up with the following.

Senator Elizabeth Warren couldn’t care less about Mollie Tibbets, her family or her ‘community.’ She’s like one of those Communist cadres under Stalin or Beria who care only about themselves and their place in the hierarchy and were willing to do whatever they were ordered to to advance up the ladder. For her, Mollie Tibbets is what Lenin called a necessary sacrifice for revolution.

She would never admit it, and may not even recognize it, but  she inwardly believes  in ‘Social democracy as a form of fascism that of course means total government control.  Stalin recognized this some time ago, saying  Social democracy is objectively the moderate wing of fascism…. These organizations (ie Fascism and social democracy) are not antipodes, they are twins.”

And that’s exactly what Senator Warren stands for.

She really doesn’t even care about illegal migrants either except as a tool to achieve her main goal – power. And that’s all she cares about. If she really had compassion for children, would she be such an avid supporter of abortion on demand? If she wasn’t inherently racist, why would she be such a strong defender of Planned Parenthood, an organization that has killed more black children than any other?

Senator Elizabeth Warren is right about one thing. We need to focus on the real problem.

And that problem is people like her having any kind of political power.

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