Elizabeth Warren has burr in saddle over Obama’s $400k fee for Wall Street speech.

Senator Elizabeth Warren was fit to be tied after the news broke that Barack Obama has agreed to be the keynote speaker at investment banking and brokerage firm, Cantor Fitzgerald’s healthcare conference this coming September.

Obama who has for eight years incessantly sullied Wall Street fats cats over their salaries will be paid $400,000 for the speech.

Another reason to hate Fox?  Charles Gasparino of Fox Business broke the news.

Warren, a long-time one percenter herself, and fellow Progressives view Obama’s shocking reversal as a betrayal of Progressive ideology.

While plugging her new book on Sirius XM’s “Alter Family Politics,” Warren who in 2010 was appointed as special adviser by Obama to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau did not hide her disappointment but then why should she?  Obama is no longer in the White House.

I was uh troubled by that. Um, one of the things I talk about in the book is the influence of money. I describe it as a you know a snake that slithers through Washington um and that it shows up in so many different ways…”

It took Obama less than 100 days to reveal his true self.  As for Warren, she should have waited a few days before speaking out since just last night Obama nailed another $400,00 by appearing at “the A&E Networks advertising upfront at The Pierre Hotel.”

Presidential historian Doris Kearns Goodwin interviewed Obama for an hour and a half.

As pointed out by The Daily Caller, Obama’s $400,000 speaking fee “rivals the hefty speaking fees paid to Bill Clinton. It’s nearly double what Hillary Clinton earned on the political speechmaking circuit.”

According to Huffington Post, Hillary Clinton received $200,000 an hour to speak at Goldman Sachs.

What no cries of sexism?  Clinton was paid half the fee that Obama is receiving.

Are Progressives that hypocritical? If Obama were a Republican or the speaker a former Republican president, those wenches in Hollywood would be marching on Wall Street.  (Not that I care, just saying.)

So, what did that sell out and liar, Bernie Sanders have to say.

Why so coy, Bernie?  Afraid Progressive snowflakes are going to accuse you of being racist?

Hank Sheinkopf, a Democratic political consultant was not so understanding:

Fox Business

“Is there an irony here because he spoke incessantly about the income gap and is now earning from those same people he criticized? Yes it is,” said Hank Sheinkopf, a Democratic political consultant. “Should we expect it? Yes, we should because all former presidents do this. He went on the attack against Wall Street and now he’s being fed by those same people he called ‘fat cats’. It’s more hypocritical than ironic.”

Unfortunately for Progressives, Obama exposes his true self at a time when Progressives have no leadership.

“…Democrats are lacking so much leadership that they aren’t going to be upset with this,” he said. “They have no heroes anymore, and [Obama] was their last great hero, so how can they turn on him even though he is being a bit of a hypocrite?”

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Kind of like kicking a dog when it’s down but that Barack, something of which was not lost on Fox Business Lou Dobbs.

Whether it is calling out Speaker Paul Ryan or Barack Obama, Dobbs had his say and did not bite his tongue.

Lastly, Tucker Carlson took on the one Marxist idiot who thought that for some reason that he could successfully carry Obama’s water by debating Carlson.  FAIL.

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