Facebook Bans PragerU Videos

The new censorship of conservative voices continues, as Facebook bans PragerU videos.

PragerU is a conservative, non-profit group  which produces educational videos on conservative issues. It has something like 3 million followers, but  its most recent posts have been seen by almost none of its followers,, according to the Facebook’s own dashboard.

Not only that but two of its most recent videos were banned as ‘hate speech.’

What’s going on, of course is shadow banning, where content gets posted as usual but no one else but the author can see it. In effect, it doesn’t exist.

Will Witt, who works for PragerU posted this screenshot of the Facebook page’s dashboard According to the photos posted by Witt, PragerU’s last nine posts have reached between one and three of their followers. The norm for hits on these videos are between 50,000 and 95,000 of PragerU’s followers.

And if you liked that, you’ll love which videos were pulled as ‘hate speech.’

There were a number of videos that were removed including one titled “Make Men Masculine Again” and “Where are the Moderate Muslims?”

See them for yourselves…this is ‘hate speech?’

PragerU had the same problem with YouTube, where its videos were limited and placed behind an age warning, believe it or not. PragerU took YouTube to court over the issue but the suit was thrown out by a federal judge as the judge ruled that YouTube did not violate the First Amendment.

Oh, and the judge? That was Lucy Koh, nominated by Barack Hussein Obama on the recommendation of California Senators Barbara Boxer and Dianne Feinstein to a seat on the United States District Court for the Northern District of California. Obama later nominated Koh to serve as a United States Circuit Judge of the United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit. Is it any wonder she ruled the way she did?

YouTube could likely be the next social media giant to take down PragerU videos.

So here’s where we stand.

Yes, these are private companies and yes, they have the right to host whatever content they want. What isn’t right is they are misrepresenting themselves as a public forum, and now colluding to control the flow of information. Essentially, they are totalitarian in nature. One only has to examine how they are literally kowtowing to China to see that.

Lots of people were unconcerned when Alex Jones and InfoWars got this treatment. What they didn’t realize is that Alex Jones was low hanging fruit, a test case to see if the social media pashas could get away with it. Once they did, it made censoring the right, even moderate conservatives like PragerU fair game.

They are even censoring political candidates with an R after their names.

Not only are they censoring voices on the right, but they are even attacking alternative social media forums in an effort to shut them down. Microsoft is working hard to get GAB, the alternative free speech competitor to Twitter shut down over two anti-semitic posts that were more mouth slavering ridiculous that actually threatening.  And which actually violated GAB’s rules for posting. But since Microsoft Azure is Gab’s host, they’re getting away with it., at least so far.

Funny, they have no problem with Jew haters like Al Sharpton, Keith Ellison, or Louis Farrakhan, do they?

When Facebook bans PragerU videos, that’s another test case to see if it works. Our alternatives are these…to simply stop using these social media companies and go elsewhere, to construct our own venues, or to have the FCC and perhaps the courts take action…I mean, once Jeff Sessions is out the door. Just because one Leftist Judge ruled that there was no First Amendment violation doesn’t mean a new Supreme Court would. While no one is entitled to a platform, special rules for one group and different rules for another plus blatant attempts  to silence legitimate views from one political spectrum while not censoring the other might just make the grade for a First Amendment case.

It’s also important to realize that this is a last ditch assault by the forces of the ‘resistance.’ It is all they really have, since they can’t win in the marketplace of ideas except with the hopelessly brainwashed. This is their new tactic to try and move that process from the universities and into the sphere of the general public.

America was built on freedom of speech. Winston Churchill once said of America that ‘Nowhere is speech freer.’

If things keep going as they are, there will be no more freedom of speech except for the Left, just like in the old Soviet Union.

We can’t let that happen, no matter what the cost.

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  1. One comment I saw recently pointed out that if Facebook (and Twitter) want to be treated as common carriers, they have to be content-neutral. If they start picking and choosing which messages they take down, they start assuming liability for the messages that stay up.

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