Failing Our Children

I am a bit ahead of myself on tomorrow’s competition so I decided to take this moment to link up a couple of articles that might keep you occupied for today.

In the failing our children slowly section comes this article about some California schools receiving “bathrooms in a box” as an emergency measure for classrooms that are under lock down for various reasons but mostly because of school wide fights.

They are now fixtures in every classroom in Turlock, California.

Teachers returned from winter break to find a bathroom-in-a-box on their desk, complete with toilet paper and all the accessories, marked For Lockdown Only.

Staff members assembled the kits to use during long-term lockdowns like the four hours Patterson High School students spent in their classrooms last fall when fights broke out on campus.

Shielded by their classmates, Patterson teens used trash cans as toilets until police allowed students and teachers outside.

The incident spurred school superintendents across Stanislaus county, to discuss ways to make sure history did not repeat itself.

Hence, in Turlock, the emergency toilets. Maintenance workers put together 701 of them over the winter break, enough to supply every classroom in the district that needed one. They cost $20 (£13) each, or about $14,000 total – the equivalent of nearly 200 high school textbooks.

I attended high school in the late 70’s in a Chicago suburb and can’t remember there being a rash of school violence. Sure there were incidents but they were relatively few. Crap, schools even had rifle and archery clubs back then. In our high school fights could be settled on the top floor gym that was set up as a boxing ring. Most people didn’t go there more than once.

Nowadays however it seems that school administrators and teachers have completely lost the ability to control their students; something I consider an ugly product of liberal policies and rampant litigation by parents that are offended when their children get disciplined. Sad.

Speaking of weasels (the nicest thing I can say about the people I am making reference to) make sure you head over to Zombie Time to see how pro-Hamas morons in California protest Israel. Some of these people are professional protesters but most are just joooohaters.

Pretty embarrased to be American at times like these. What a great lesson for the kids of America.

See you tomorrow.