Feinstein Devised Scheme – Exchange Bet. Parkland Dad and Judge Kavanaugh

From the moment the Brett Kavanaugh’s Supreme Court confirmation hearing began this week, Progressives have in collaboration with the Communist media complex, astroturf and coordinated to obtain the perfect media clips and screenshots to make the afternoon and evening news.

It’s only fair to note that Progressives will use the clips to fundraise and as advertisements throughout the 2018 mid-terms and 2020 presidential election seasons.

The business of rancorous Progressives is chaos, division, drama and the illusion that they actually give a damn.

Enter fear monger, Dianne Feinstein, whose latest shenanigans fell short when anti-Trumper, Fred Guttenberg attempted to shake Judge Brett Kavanaugh’s hand when the confirmation hearing broke for lunch on Tuesday.

Guttenberg is the father of high school student Jaime Guttenberg who was killed last winter by Parkland shooter, Nikolas Cruz at Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida.  Guttenberg, a gun control advocate’s presence at the hearing was no coincidence.  Feinstein invited him.  In other words, this was yet another of many scripted events by Progressives intended to disrupt the confirmation hearing and unleash chaos.

Just as the hearing was breaking for lunch, Feinstein tweeted:

“I invited @Fred_Guttenberg to sit in the audience at today’s hearing because the Supreme Court affects the lives of real people,” Feinstein wrote on Twitter “He knows firsthand how Brett Kavanaugh’s extreme views on guns could lead to more massacres. Thank you Fred, for honoring your daughter.”

Guttenberg confirmed Feinstein’s invitation.

Guttenberg can contest that the proposed encounter was not scripted or “some politial master plan” until the cows go home but all of the chaos that has erupted at the Judge Brett Kavanaugh’s Supreme Court confirmation hearing this week was scripted and many actors paid.

As if on cue and as Judge Brett Kavanaugh stood up to leave, Guttenberg made his move immediately heading in the judge’s direction. Whatever he had planned failed. As Kavanaugh turned in his direction, Fred Guttenberg uttered something to Judge Brett Kavanaugh, reached out to shake his hand but was intercepted by security.

It is at this point that Judge Brett Kavanaugh turned and was led away denying Guttenberg and Progressives their money shot not that doing so would stop them from trying to re-invent the wheel (sarcasm) and trolling for donations off of what had just occurred.

Let the spin begin…and so it did.

To hear Fred Guttenberg tell it, after introducing himself (or attempting) to Judge Brett Kavanaugh and reaching out to shake his hand, Kavanaugh “pulled his hand back, turned his back to me and walked away.”


Having watched footage of the near exchange from different angles, I would beg to differ.  Judge Brett Kavanaugh did turn and walk away but at no time, was Kavanaugh’s hand extended or appear to be. Furthermore, with the toxic atmosphere in the room, why on earth would Brett Kavanaugh respond to someone who approached him from behind with his guard down?


The White House responded accordingly.


But Progressives doing what they do best, entered spin mode.


In the meantime, Guttenberg couldn’t wait to show his face on CNN and MSNBC.


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