Fellow UC Alumni: Stop Donating to UC Schools

By Scott Kirwin, UCSD ’91

My wife and I are alumni of University of California – San Diego. We are the type of alumni colleges like. We are professionally successful, financially secure and credit our education for a good part of that. In the past we have donated to our alma mater, although we stopped a few years ago when UCSD faculty and staff began openly supporting the BDS movement against Israel. Recent actions by UC-Berkeley administrators condoning violence against conservative speakers, and the growing silencing of dissent on UC campuses by Leftists have made it critical for alumni to take a stand in support of free speech on UC system campuses.

In June 1989 I remember seeing Chinese students crying in the UCSD Quad as the tanks rolled into Tiananmen Square, crushing their dreams of freedom. Those tanks are now rolling through the UC system and your donations are funding them. No matter how pleasant your college experience, no matter how important you think it was to your success, no matter how strong the urge to give something back to the UC community, you must consider that your money will be used to fund activities that silence dissenting views and encourage conformity. If you believe that it is not okay to shout down and threaten people because of their ideas, then you must make your voice heard in one of the most powerful ways you can: by shutting your pocketbook to your alma mater.

There are plenty of worthy charities out there that need your help today. Send your money to them instead, but do not give a dime to fund the jackbooted thugs that have taken over the UC system.

Photo by SD Dirk