July 16, 2018

The Ferguson Effect: The Chicago Way

credit; agileofis.com
credit; agileofis.com

By: Mike McDaniel    The Ferguson Effect is in full force across America, and one of the most powerful incentives for police officers to do as little as possible is the Obama Department of Justice. The Ferguson effect, to review, is the reality that police officers, particularly in Democrat-controlled cities, or anywhere with a large black population, are only answering calls. They are avoiding pro-active police work, and absolutely avoiding having to deal with young, black males. As a result, crime rates, after a very long decline, are once again on the rise. Officers understand all too well that merely doing their duties properly can see them disciplined, fired, or even prosecuted and jailed. And when their jurisdiction is done with them, the federal government has been more than willing to jump in to impose its own punishment, such punishment including onerous and horrifically expensive consent decrees giving the DOJ absolute control over day to day operations.

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