To those fools, agitators, Marxists, miscreants, and historically challenged who wish to remove Confederate monuments just one question…..

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Where does this Cultural Cleansing end? The answer is it doesn’t! The fact is that if these monuments go, not one piece of our history is safe. Not  a single shred is safe, not one! No battlefield is safe, not any name of any street highway, park, school, building, flag, no re-enactment of any battle.

The Founders? Not only are they not safe, they are next. Old Glory? Next! The national anthem? Next! How about singing God Bless America, or America the Beautiful? You think they are safe? Are you demented, or just stupid? Do you not yet grasp how evil the Cultural Stalinists are?

How about books deemed to be too sympathetic to the Confederate cause? Or even books that dare to explore the numerous causes of the War Between the States? How soon until we hold mass book burnings? How soon until all military graves are targeted? The Lincoln Memorial? Given his statements about slavery, and Black people? It must go, as will Washington’s and Jefferson’s.

How about Confederate artifacts in museums? Are they safe? Of course not! How about graves of Confederate soldiers? They surely must be bulldozed if we are to “cleanse” ourselves! How long until that diabolical “cleansing” comes for Arlington? Do you really think any United States soldiers grave or memorial is safe from this evil scourge? Understand that the Left is not looking to be sensitive, or even to remove statues that might offend. The aim of their insidious campaign of erasure has a much larger aim. America itself. Our history, our culture, our border, eventually even our Constitution must be erased because Social Justice!

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You see, the fight to preserve history goes far beyond honest debate about the causes of the War. It is about more than talking honestly about Lee, Jackson, Stuart, Davis, or Confederate soldiers.  It is about more than allowing Southerners to honor their ancestors or about correcting those who ignorantly reduce the War Between the States to a “good vs evil” war.

It is a campaign that would be embraced, I would think, by the noble soldiers who wore both Blue and Grey. 

For those who think I am over reacting behold

They hate America, why would anyone be foolish enough to help them?

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