For Italy, multilateral globalism, plus socialism, equals death

For Italy, multilateral globalism, plus socialism, equals death

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…Italy has socialized medicine, the kind Bernie Sanders seeks to push on America, leaving the country way less prepared to handle the pandemic than countries with free market health care systems.

Italy’s central planners didn’t plan for enough beds. There’s not enough staff. There’s no free market to step in and pick up the slack, because it’s not allowed. According to this disturbing piece in the Wall Street Journal, there are signs of a medical system failure, the same kind of thing that in previous socialist hellholes, has triggered man-caused famines: the crops were there, the delivery system was disrupted. Now it’s a health-care famine for Italy, because, same as Venezuela’s oilfields, the cash was spent on today-needs and political crowd pleasers such as “free” stuff, instead of investment in to increase “production” (read: profitability) in the operation itself, the way the private sector does. The net result in Italy is the same result seen in Venezuela and all socialist hellholes: underinvestment, leading to shambling, subpar, shortage-brimming results. Ain’t party-elites making all the decisions grand? According to the Journal:

Italy lags other large European countries in provision of acute-care hospital beds, furnishing 2.62 of them per 1,000 residents as of 2016, according to the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development. In Germany it’s 6.06 and in France and the Netherlands it’s 3.15 and 3 respectively. That year, Italy devoted around $913 per capita to inpatient acute and rehabilitative care, compared with $1,338 in France, $1,506 in Germany, and $1,732 in the U.S.

 The writer, Joseph Sternberg, notes this:

What accounts for these divergences in health-care resources requires more study than a single newspaper column can provide, but a few early hints emerge. One is the observation that the U.K. and Italy are significantly more dependent on direct government financing of health-care than is France or Germany.

Government accounted for 79% of total health-care spending in the U.K. in 2017, according to Eurostat, and 74% in Italy. Germany and France both rely on compulsory insurance schemes with varying degrees of subsidy and government meddling, but outright government expenditure amounts to only 6% of total health spending in Germany and 5% in France. Covid-19 in this sense is a test of how much one trusts central health planners to make wise long-term decisions that boost resilience in the face of unusual dangers.

And with government making all the decisions about ‘universal’ health care, what happens now is inhuman. According to Paula Bolyard at PJMedia:

Health officials in Italy have issued guidelines for rationing care as hospitals there struggle to keep up with the surge of patients infected with the coronavirus. Doctors are being told that they’ll likely need to deny care to senior citizens and those with other health conditions as the virus explodes across the nation.

Italy has been rocked by the still not-well-understood COVID-29, with more than 1,200 confirmed cases and 827 deaths—second only to China—and 16 million residents currently under quarantine.An article published by the Italian College of Anesthesia, Analgesia, Resuscitation and Intensive Care (translated here by Yascha Mounk) warns that “It may be necessary to establish criteria of access to intensive care not just on the basis of clinical appropriateness but inspired by the most consensual criteria regarding distributive justice and the appropriate allocation of limited health resources.” The report goes on to recommend rationing care to certain populations. Imagine paying high taxes for socialist health care all your life only to be told in your hour of need ‘too bad, you’re too old, no health care for you’?  There must be a tremendous sense of helplessness and being cheated. It’s enough to make one hope that Italy snaps to attention on what the EU’s multilateral globalism combined with socialized medicine, have done for it. At some point, the customer, the human being, has to count. If the Italians can’t recognize that and get out of both socialism and the EU, it remains a lesson for the rest of us, as Bernie Sanders, Joe Biden, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and other socialist siren-songers promise the world from all their socialization schemes, always done with the best of intentions, and always collapsing into rubble right when it counts. Socialism fails every time it’s tried. Wrap it in the European Union and it fails spectacularly. 

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