From AmeriCrooks to Ballot Stuffing

This week’s winners in our weekly contest cover two very important topics with regard to freedom, liberty and the right to live without doing so from under the cloud of a corrupt government.

Winning Council Member Wolf Howling discusses the situation in Iran within the context of three main influences :

  1. How a Democratic Iraq influences the IRanian people
  2. Grand Ayatollah Hossein Ali Montazeri’s role while on house arrest in adding legitimacy to the protesters by noting that the actions of the military and police will be judged by God.
  3. The willingness of the State Department and the Obama administration to delicately support regime change,

That last bit about Montazeri weighing in could become critical. Let me explain why. The theocracy imposed on Iran under Khomeini’s theory of the velyat-e-faqi violates over a millenia of Shia apolitical tradition. That tradition holds that there should be separation between mosque and state. Moreover, the theocracy is widely viewed as wholly corrupt, with the wealthiest people in Iran today being clerics. All of this is brought into stark relief by the secular democracy next door in Iraq. And lastly, the Supreme Guide, Grand Ayatollah Khameini lacks religious legitimacy. He isn’t a real Grand Ayatollah.

Make sure to read all of Wolf’s article to understand exactly why the council chose him as the representative voice as the number one council based Weasel Watcher this week.

On the non-Council side I am happy to report that my entry pulled into the top spot! Michelle Malkin did what she does best by informing her readers about the deep corruption and thuggery of the Obama administration with regard to it’s firing of the politically independent Inspector General Gerald Walpin after he blew the whistle on the squandering of taxpayer subsidized funds to a community organizing group called AmericCorps. The Obama administration tried to pull a fast one here. It was soon discovered that the groups squandering the funds were left wing organizations and political contributors to the Obama administration including Sacramento Mayor Kevin Johnson whose non-profit organization St. HOPE Academy received hundreds of thousands of dollars in federal grants from AmeriCorps; part of which had to be paid back by agreement.

Complicating the matter was the involvement of Michelle Obama who just happened to run an AmericCorps funded non-profit in the late 90’s called Public Allies. This particular non-profit was found to have violated basic eligibility and compliance rules in a 2007 audit. Big surprise.

Not only did the Obama administration seem to be acting politically in the firing of the Inspector General but the reasons they gave for the firing even raised the eyebrows of some Democrats. The IG’s post is supposed to be insulated from the kind of political hit job being waged on it by the Obama administration and the reasons for firing are required to be  sound, conclusive and NOT political in nature. Instead the administration simply said they lost confidence with him. After reason number one fell flat the administration proceeded to conduct a public smear job. This is political thuggery at its best.

Walpin however is fighting back and Michelle Malkin is connecting the dots.

Congratulations to all our entrants!

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