Watcher’s Council Results: From Russia With Love!

Fresh on the heels of my first week as The Watcher I am proud to announce the Watcher’s Council results for the last week of August 2008.

This winners are:


1. The RazorRussia – The New Cold War Winner with 2 1/3 votes

2. Wolf Howling – What Does Joe Biden Offer To Obama? 2 votes

3. Soccer Dad – Charm city charm offensive 1 2/3 votes

4. Bookworm Room – The AP shows surprising honesty when it comes to Joe Biden 1 vote


1. Michael Totten/Middle East JournalThe Truth About Russia In Georgia Winner with 2 1/3 votes

2. Seraphic Secret – The Terrorist is Still Dead 2 votes

3. Kirby Mountain – Puttin’ the Boone (Pickens) in Boondoggle 1 1/3 votes

4. (Tie) Paragraph Farmer – Remaking Grease in Denver 2/3 votes

4. (Tie) Pajamas Media/Belmont Club – Unity 2/3 votes

4. (Tie) Olympics Blog – You’re Not Supposed to See This 2/3 votes

5. Powerline Blog – Energy Policy For The Ignorant 1/3 vote

Congratulations to all the nominees and winning selections. Have a great labor day weekend!!