Georgia and Brian Kemp Breathe Sigh of Relief As Radical Stacy Abrams Concedes Governor’s Race

Joshua Broom
Joshua Broom

With Brian Kemp’s hotly-contested gubernatorial win, thankfully, Georgia remains a stronghold for family and core-conservative values.


Stacy Abrams, Slimmed, Rested, Ready To Rummmble....
Stacy Abrams, Slimmed, Rested, and Ready.

Furthermore, ambitions to preserve the south’s crown-jewel from devolving into ‘California East,’ and a shameless sanctuary for illegals and violent gangs, is realized on this 16th day of November.

But these GOP victories didn’t come without protracted drama.

When staring down sustained attack from a wily, radical-leftist foe, backed by heavy-hitters Barack Obama, Oprah Winfrey and several of Hollywood’s elites, nearly two million common-sense Georgians rebuked an unprecedented gubernatorial blue-wave with their singular vote.

This is a larger achievement  all conservatives can revel in.

Not even superstar endorsements, reems of corrupt lawyers or liberal judges could unhinge the foundation of one of America’s greatest states when its people united.

A Kemp victory is and was another milestone for the working-class and ‘deplorables’ scraping to remain viable.

Yet, conversely, the winds of deep-south demographic change nearly saw a progressive-socialist surge erase years of proud Georgian heritage.

Such as much was almost unthinkable a decade ago. But, again, changing attitudes, especially metro-Atlanta attitudes, have set a tense undertone throughout a mostly red state.

Infused by these sentiments, bulldog Stacy Abrams fought tooth-and-nail against Kemp and the state’s electoral system post-Nov. 6 (when she was virtually eliminated from the Governor’s mansion, mathematically) until no option for her campaign existed beyond concession.

And until the eleventh-hour, with defeat imminent, Abrams still mulled nearly unthinkable litigious options which, if enacted, might have destroyed her future political aspirations.

Though, presumably, Abrams’ handlers advised the rising democratic star that discretion was, at this time, the better part of valor.

At that moment, Georgia exhaled.

And, personally, my vote cast for Brian Kemp is one I’ll forever savor




My name is Joshua Broom. In addition to moonlighting as a former sports blog editor, my recent work has appeared on various conservative sites. I write about the hard truths which face conservative thinkers, circa 2018.




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