Georgia’s Special Election…A Lesson The Democrats Just Won’t Learn

One of the more amusing internet memes out there now is watching the Dem ‘resistance’ and their trained media shills try to spin their defeat in Georgia’s special election into a ‘victory.’

This is what happens to people when they’re raised on participation trophies.

Jon Ossoff, the sole Democrat running in Georgia’s special election to replace Health and Human Services Secretary Tom Price’s Georgia House seat in the 6th District was supposed to be the Greta Democrat Hope. While President Trump won Georgia handily, he only won in this particular district, which encompasses a chunk of Atlanta by 1.5 points. There’s a large, mostly Democrat black population in the district, Jon Ossof had lots of Democrat celebrities campaign for him and raised almost $9 million dollars for his campaign, almost all of it from out of state. Not only that, but there were 11 Republican candidates running to split the vote from incumbent Karen Handel, the GOP front runner. Ossoff spend $2 million on TV ads alone, compared to Karen Handel who spent $75,000.

For the ‘resistance’ Ossof’s victory was supposed to be the opening shot against Donald Trump, the start of hounding him out of office…

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Meep meep!

So let’s look at some real postmortems here, shall we?

The Democrats put $9 million dollars into this campaign against a new incumbent who spent perhaps $125,000 if that. They brought in all the usual suspects to gin up the Lefty vote. And with the GOP vote split, they expected Ossof to win handily. There were even idiots touting this Pajama Boy clone as vice presidential or even presidential material for 2020 until they realized he wasn’t of statutory age to run for those offices. With all that,the best they could do is get into a runoff which Karen Handel will likely win, since the cumulative GOP vote totaled over 5% more than Ossof’s.

Did the Democrats actually vet this candidate?

  • He’s 30 years old but has hardly any work experience, and no experience whatsoever  that would apply to being a congressman except stints as a political apparatchnik for John Lewis and Hank Johnson (You remember Hank, the guy who thought Guam would sink into the ocean because we had too many military personnel on it). Real quiz kids, both of ’em.
  • His entire campaign consisted of ‘vote against Trump’  rather than giving people any reason to vote for him…probably because there wasn’t any except, ‘Hey I’m the anti-Trump.’
  • He lives outside the 6th district and almoist allof his funding came from outside Georgia in a state where the term ‘carpetbagger’ still resonates. Not good.
  • And his ‘why buy the cow when the milk is free’ style answer to a question about living with his girlfriend for the past twelve years raised more than few eyebrows.

In short, they didn’t vet him and counted on winning Georgia’s special election based on Trump hatred, lots of cash and Dem ‘celebrities’ in what they saw as a pushover district to win no matter who ran with the ‘D’ behind their name. Big mistake. and the other special elections coming up look even less promising.

In an article on Democrat outlet Politico I won’t bother linking to, they asked the question, ‘Democrats wonder, When do we win?’

I actually posted an answer in the comments section that went something like this:

Donald Trump is president of the United States.Done deal. Since he was elected, the Left has done NOTHING but oppose and obstruct him. And to bully and threaten anyone who even thought of giving the president a fair shake, some time to get into the swing of the job and to work with him. Do you really think people are blind to this? Are you really surpised at the result of Georgia’s special election?

Just compare that with how those whom opposed Barack Obama treated him after the election. They treated him with respect, allowed him to put his team together without obstruction and said nothing about ‘resistance’ to someone who was obviously part of the radical Left. Mitch McConnell, whom I have scan respect for actually decided not to use the nuclear option so that President Obama could pack the courts with Left Wing judges…which just by coincidence are the ones doing their very best to destroy a sitting president by playing legal games that clearly violate established U.S. law.

Did you see the Republicans going crazy when an obviously unqualified SCOTUS nominee like Elena Kagan was nominated, someone who had never worked as a judge in her life? Nope. They respected the will of the people and President Obama and confirmed her.

Democrats only like democracy when they win. When the American people get tired of Socialist blundering and dysfunctional leadership and vote against them, their true colors come out and most of them show exactly how little they really respect democracy and are totalitartians at heart.

I’m sure that what I’ve written here will get a whole slew of insults and hateful screeds. Fine. But the reason Democrats keep losing is contained in what I just wrote. Like the UK’s Labour Party, they have gone so far to the Left that they’re no longer even close to being mainstream in most of the country. And no matter how much money they spend and how loudly their trained seals in the media bark, that isn’t going to change until they do, And I don’t see that happening.

quickly deleted the comment. Of course.

Which just proves my point, now doesn’t it?

Rob Miller

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