Global Warming: John Kerry’s Pissed!


By: Mike McDaniel   Global warming/climate change is one of history’s great, and most expensive, scams, and an issue of great importance in this election, yet it has been, for the most part, ignored. Even the U.N. has admitted if it got every penny it demanded and every nation rigorously followed its supposedly scientific prescription for “fixing” the climate, it might–might–reduce the global temperature by less than a single degree in a century. The computer climate models have proved to be, almost without exception, wrong, and those that appear to be correct are almost always due to manipulating data or otherwise cheating. “Climate scientists” refuse to provide their data sets and methodology for replication by other scientists, or “lose” them. They also try to destroy the careers of those that disagree with them, and sympathetic politicians want to jail “climate deniers” or even kill them. The climate change crowd claims “consensus,” as if a majority holding an opinion in science settles the issue. This is not exactly a brilliant advertisement for the glory of science.

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