For God’s Sake, VOTE! (And Ignore The Media) UPDATED


By: Mike McDaniel    Were one to heed the Lamestream Media—and Fox News can easily be included in this at the moment—Donald Trump is toast. The outcome of the election is not in doubt. Hillary Clinton will be the winner, and she will win easily. The Democrats are morally right, intellectually superior, invincible. All the polls reflect that certainty. Trump and all the deplorables supporting him might as well fold their tents and go home. Don’t even bother to vote; it will avail you nothing. In fact, our media betters knew this a year ago, nay, more than a year ago, and pumped Trump up in the Republican primary race merely for the mean-spirited glee of it, like people pushing a stalled car to the top of a hill so it can roll down the other side into a crowd of senior citizens in wheelchairs.

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    My Psychiatrist asked if I ever talk to myself. I said only when I need good advice. When he
    called me a smart-ass, I thanked him because my Mother-in-law says I’m a dumbass.

    ~ WOW! Elite Banks ‘stunned/bewildered.’ HC has transferred $2Bil to a Qatar Bank!
    ~ Some say she’s bolting the US if she loses to escape federal prosecution!
    ~ Wow. Planning to go on the lam like a common thief after committing the crime. 

    This shows DT is the best choice, wanting great things for America, putting her interests 1st.
    HC puts Her interests 1st. She’d be stage 4 cancer on the US that began under BO.

    Jeremiah calls us to pray for our homeland’s prosperity, so that we may also prosper.
    HC wants to prey ON us, so She may prosper, harming America’s prosperity by peddling her globalist agenda & her ‘Borderless Hemispheric Common Market’ desires.
    Is that what Americans are voting for?

    We can’t allow the scandalous Clintons back into the WH. Remember a not-long-ago impeachment, & the national damage done while trying to kick this bunch out? While the US fiddled & Monica misplaced a cigar, Osama’s posse was learning how to steer jets.

    WLks has only reaffirmed the wisdom of that attempt. H&B are peas of the same pod. We
    can’t afford more scandal & quid pro quo, there’s too much Obama un-doing to be done.

    W.Grudem at Townhall is right, if you don’t like either one, vote FOR Trump’s policies. How one will govern, not past sins, is only thing that matters, isn’t it? HC plans to make US ‘borderless’ knowing migrants block-vote Dem. USA will be Democrat FOREVER.

    A borderless country is no country at all, esp with IslamTerror the new norm & Americans the #1 target. Terrorists will enter en masse, w Sharia Law starting up in small towns.

    If you don’t want to save American sovereignty for yourself, do it for the kids. Do it for all who died, were injured or maimed for this country. Do it for Abe Lincoln, who was murdered for preserving the country. For all those fellas who suffered cold & hunger at Valley Forge.

    Or because you know national suicide is just as immoral as human suicide.
    We can’t accuse HC of Nat’l Homicide, if we approve it in advance by not voting for DT.

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