Government corruption and minority rule

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On behalf of Bookworm, I’m reposting her account of an NRO Cruise she’s embarked on . Enjoy!

November 21, 2016

I’m leaving soon for the airport, but wanted to make two quick points about government corruption and minority rule before it becomes too difficult to write.

Government corruption. It was easy for Obama to corrupt the Department of Justice. He simply put in place people who had no respect for the rule of law and, instead, ran things purely through a political filter.

Sadly, un-corrupting the DOJ (not to mention other government agencies that became equally corrupted) will be a more difficult task. It’s not just a matter of cleaning out the bad employees and replacing them with good ones. The corrupt employees created vested interests, and those who benefitted from the corruption will fight tooth and nail to protect those interests — and they’ll do so, moreover, by accusing the new broom of itself being politicized….

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