Governor Oil Slick

Over his career, Jerry Brown has been known for his flaky, leftwing views, earning him the sobriquet Governor Moonbeam. Council alum, Laer Peace (he of Cheat Seeking Missiles) has lately been involved in the Crazyfornia project and has written an op-ed that was picked up by the Washington Times, Jerry Brown, Oil Baron.

When Jerry Brown recently held his first fundraiser as an official candidate for governor, he chose as the venue the Sacramento apartment where he lived the last time he held that office, after famously declining to live in the governor’s mansion. Faced with multimillionaire Republican opponents, Mr. Brown wants to be seen as just a regular public employee, trying to hold his own against tycoons at the top of America’s wealth disparity. While politically expedient, the image of Jerry Brown as everyman is patently false.

Mr. Brown has a lot of money – how much exactly is not public – and unhappily for his environmentalist and global-warming-alarmist supporters, it’s oil money. Even more unhappily for his campaign managers, it’s money that may have led him to an attack against California’s largest employer and a rewriting of state regulations to feather the family nest.

Read the rest or check it out here at the Crazyfornia project.

The Brown family saga reminds that people often get involved in politics, not for the money, but for the connections that can pay off handsomely later.

I do wonder if, after reading this, folks might change that “Moonbeam” to “Oil Slick.”