The Great Debate: Trump Won Rope A Dope Style

Ah yes, the debate. It pretty much turned out like I said it would.

I actually live blogged the whole thing (yes, once again I watch this stuff so you don’t have too) but this was such a travesty I’ll just go over the main points.

The minute Hillary walked out with that manic smile, my comment at 6:06 PM (all times PST) was ‘boy, did they shoot her full of drugs.’ I’m not kidding in the least. I know a  bit about such things. I’d guess B-12 combined with a Dexedrine cocktail, perhaps with some cortisone shots to keep her knees from buckling for 90 minutes. They’ll play hell trying to get her to sleep tonight without the aid of some serious downers like Seconal.

Expect her to be out of action for a few days.

Another thing I noticed (and I wasn’t the only one) was how over prepared she was, with each answer spilling on without so much as an um or an err. After the third time this happened, I understood. She’d  gotten the questions in advance from Lester Holt, who composed them, and had then spent serious time rehearsing. It was like watching one of those old ‘pull the ring and she talks’ dolls.

As for Lester Holt, performed exactly as I said he would. Anyone watching the debates understood instantly that this was Holt and Hillary against the Donald.

Holt had been chest thumping and bragging to his colleagues about how he was going to ‘take down Trump.’

His questions were pretty much out of the Clinton playbook worded in leftist prose about ‘income inequality’ ‘climate change’ and ‘racial justice’, with aggressive interrogations by Holt on Trump’s tax returns, Trump’s ‘racist birtherism’ Trump’s business bankruptcies and other tidbits. I especially liked the one where he framed Clinton’s tax plans as ‘Mrs. Clinton wants to tax the wealthy, and you want to lower taxes on the wealthy.’ Actually Trump’s plan is for an across the board tax cut and he did a decent job explaining it once he was able to get past Holt’s constant interruptions and snide comments. Actually, Holt interrupted Trump 58% more  than he interrupted Hillary Clinton.

Funny thing, Lester Holt had no questions about Benghazi, the Clinton Foundation or Hillary’s e-mail scandal and her illegal private server. Even though one of his questions concerned cyber security, there were no followup questions on that little item! Lester Holt had indeed learned not to go there after what happened to Matt Lauer! The only mention was a comeback by Trump, who said he’d release his taxes when Mrs. Clinton released the 32,000 e-mails she deleted. It got a huge ovation from the audience which Lester Holt shushed as soon as he could. On the other hand,  any applause for Mrs. Clinton was allowed to continue.

The only problem from Hillary’s standpoint with Lester Holt’s blatant partisan approach is that he overplayed his hand. He was so obvious about the whole thing that he actually helped Trump, who was perceived as the underdog fighting back against as rigged system, which has been one of Trump’s campaign  themes. Here was living proof, right in front of everyone. Social media is on fire about this.

Viewer polls from Time Magazine, Drudge and even CNBC showed Trump winning the debate handily and they weren’t the only ones. Even Slate showed Trump winning.

(read more, see the polls, etc.)