Gun Myths anyone?

No, no, not the myths spread by the members of The Cult of Gun Control, but myths spread by people who are just a tad ignorant about firearms. Tom Knighton of Bearing Arms has his top five here Here is a sampling

1. You Don’t Have To Aim A Shotgun

We’ll start with this one because it’s a classic.

The idea is simple. The argument is that a shotgun with a barrel only slightly above legal length will, when fired, put out such a wide swath of hate and shot that aiming the weapon becomes pointless. This is why people like to recommend shotguns to people who want something for home defense, but don’t really want to practice with it.

While the shot does spread out a bit, it’s not nearly as much as some people would like to think. A shotgun can be a little more forgiving in the aiming department than a handgun or a carbine, but you still have to have the gun pointed in the right spot, otherwise, you’re going to miss. There’s no way around that one.

It also matters what type of shotgun shell you are using. Birdshot ain’t double oo buck, birdshot will spread more quickly and do less damage so aiming is crucial, if you had to defend yourself with a shotgun. And no I would never load my home defense shotgun with birdshot.

Buckshot is a load for deer hunting, thus the “buckshot” , and there are different types of buckshot. Some designed for home defense. It is devastating and for in the home defense, is a great option

Then there are slugs which I have right now in my home defense shotgun. A slug, is, well a rifled slug. This particular shell also has three 00 buck pellets

The slug is a shell that will penetrate and do tremendous damage. It also will continue to travel, right through a violent intruder, and a wall, and so on. And remember you are RESPONSIBLE for every bullet/shell you fire. So slugs might not be your best option

 You can get an idea of how different gauges spread here

Here is another video comparing the differences

In other words you DO, most certainly need to aim a shotgun. Knighton has some other good myths go read them all. 

So, you might wonder what my favorite myth about firearms is. Well, mine centers around home defense. You have heard people say that they will, chase an intruder outside. I always ask myself, are they stupid?. The very last thing I ever wish to do is to fire a weapon or swing a bat, or use a knife in self-defense or in defense of y family. I believe self-defense is the most basic human right, no doubt, but it is one I pray never to have to exercise.

That being said, If I ever have to confront an intruder, and they, upon seeing an armed homeowner decide to run away, I am not giving chase. Inside my home, I have advantages. Advantages such as having a room where my sister can hide y niece and herself. Advantages such as a room where I can cover safely hide myself and cover the sole entrance behind cover, while I wait for the police. If that intruder chooses to break that door down, the advantage is all mine. Why the Hell would I leave that home, go out into a dark yard where those advantages go away? Why would I try to be  a “badass” and go running after the guy or guys who just ran away? Why would I go out armed knowing the police have been called? When they show up, they do not know me, or that I am a guy defending myself. To them, I am a guy with a gun at or near a home that just called 911 from. The police are not psychic folks.

What is the saying you “shoot to stop the threat”? Well the threat ended when the intruder fled. At that point my option to shoot to stop a threat ended. The cops can pursue them, that is their job. My duty is to protect my family and myself. It is a duty that is sacred and one I will perform to the best of my ability. But, again, that duty ends when the threat does.

So, what are the gun myths that drive you nuts?