Your Gutless Appeaser of the Day

So, a student wrote an op-ed about Gay marriage that offended some overly sensitive types that think they have a right not to ever be offended. And, of course, the editor-in-chief Celina Oseguera took the path of appeasement and surrendered to the grievance mongers

As a result of the unrelenting student backlash, the editor-in-chief of Mustang News, Celina Oseguera, issued a public apology for Bartlett’s op-ed, saying his writing “did more harm than start conversation.”

“Publishing this opinion piece has caused this campus and the marginalized groups in it a lot of pain and we are deeply sorry,” she wrote. “We as a staff now realize how naive we can be when addressing issues that affect groups of people with whom we don’t share the same experiences. That was ignorant on our part and we apologize.”

Taking it one step further, though, Oseguera promised to institute an editorial policy in which all “opinion pieces or articles that involve sensitive topics” will first be reviewed by “groups or people whom an opinion piece [could] potentially affect.”

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