Who The Hell Is Sacha Baron Cohen? By Jeffrey A. Friedberg


By Jeffrey A. Friedberg

In addition to being a formally trained Socialist-Zionist, liberal, “progressive,” I’m sickened to say, he is a fellow Jew.

In this politically correct world the Liberal-Media Axis can get you fired, ruin your career, wreck your life, destroy your reputation, and obliterate your honor. And, so, not everyone feels free to talk, or even wants to.

However, in some cases some of us have nothing to lose in talking. The elderly, for instance, have already made their lives, adventures, and stories. This is why so many others seem to want us shut down and gone. But some of us old guys can still make statements. Say things others are maybe too terrified to utter.  

So. Really. Seriously, as they say these days, who is this 47 year old guy, Sacha Baron Cohen?


Sacha Noam Baron Cohen is an English actor, comedian and writer who has a net worth of $130 million.  

Sacha Baron Cohen was born in London, England...1971. He is probably most widely known for portraying the humorous fictional characters Ali G, Bruno, and Borat….  

Cohen began acting…at CambridgeAfter leaving Cambridge he worked as a fashion model until he was offereda weekly showSacha Baron Cohen would frequently step into the Borat character to conduct seriousinterviews with internationally-known celebrities, including Ralph Nader, Gore Vidal,  Donald Trump, Newt Gingrich and many others….  

Sacha has been married to actress Isla Fisher since 2010. Together they have three children, two daughters and a son.  

With regard to his marriage Cohen reportedly averred, to eoline.com, I’m 23 percent gay. We worked it out did the calculationsbut added that the number tends to fluctuate. There are times I go down to 17 sometimes I’m 31 depends on the situation. When I was doing BoratI was at 31.

In Cohen’s liberal universe of cruel satire and cynical shtick, is he to be believed about his “gayness?” I don’t know. I don’t care. We always had Uncle Maurice who never “came out”—because he always was out and was never in. This today-overemphasized gay stuff is no new deal on Earth.

Perhaps more importantly, Cohen’s paternal family were Ashkenazi Jews, and his mother’s family were German Jews. Cohen was raised as a Jew and performed in the Habonim Dror Jewish theater group.

In the context of Cohen’s past and training, I care about that.  


Habonim Dror is a Jewish Socialist-Zionist cultural youth movement, which exists to educate and bring Jewish culture to its members... One of the main concepts of the movement’s ideology is that of tikkun olam, a Hebrew phrase that means “mending the world” which originated in the early rabbinic period of Judaism.  


It is reassuring to believe that ‘tikkun olam—healing the world—is a synonym for the liberal agenda and that the liberal agenda flows directly from the teachings of Judaism….  

To be liberal, in short, is to be ‘like all the nations.’ It is a seductive and comforting belief, andJews are far from the first to embrace it.”  

Recently, my fellow Jew, Sacha Noam Baron Cohen (net worth $130,000,000), has been all over the media with his newest but apparently failing TV endeavor.

He is now shooting “Who Is America,” for Showtime. But, Sacha’s latest schtick (a Jewish-Yiddish word meaning pranks, whims) does not seem to be attracting much of an audience. His numbers are low. Also, he has been pulling a lot of negative press.  

Recently, he and his film crew were even “thrown out” of a gun shop in Riverside, California, by the owner, who spotted him as “Borat” – – through a very elaborate disguise of a massive beard, weird clothes, and a phony “Hungarian” accent.  

This does look look good or bode well for Cohen’s TV production which seems hell bent on conducting made-up, liberalvectored “interviews” with prominent conservatives.

One of his main purposes is apparently to try and make conservatives look bad. For instance, he recently duped Sarah Palin into an embarrassing interview by pretending to be a disabled wounded American soldier of valor in a wheel chair.  

Cohen seems to be little more than a liberal, show-business type Jew, hatefully bent on “exposing” conservatism for the atrocity he thinks it is. Cohen appears to be on a liberal, “progressive” crusade. He’s not even an American, but he is here to tell us “Who” we are.  


Cohen is here to tell us what to think, say, and believe – – as long as it agrees with his socialist, radical view. Maybe he is driven by that arcane Jewish idea of reforming the world – – tikkun olam.

Or maybe it’s done unconsciously. Because – – maybe, to Sacha, – – it’s just “natural.” It’s the way things are right. It’s normal, liberal, and superior in every way to “bitter clingers” and conservatism. It’s just the way things are and should be.It’s smart.  

Maybe he learned it in the Jewish Socialist-Zionist cultural youth movement, Habonim Dror, of which he was apparently a member.

Liberal resources – – almost as a unionized group – – have praisedand glorified Cohens latest TV endeavor and outlook to the heavens. It’s hard to find anything negative, other than maybe his getting a “9.75” out of 10.

More rational conservative resources correctly criticize and corral Cohen’s wild, hateful approach to distorting a conservative world, which liberals love to distort, discredit, and denigrate. Liberals seem bent on a crusade to bring America down, weaken and destroy her – – remove America and her hard won borders from the map.  

And this Sacha Cohen is not even an American. Who needs this anti-America “Visitor From Another Land?”  

I can’t think of any reason I might need him. I don’t need him. Do you?  

How can he be made to leave – –  go away and not come back with his line of old, rotting, socialist blather? Socialism has never worked; not anywhere it’s been tried, including Venezuela, Cuba, the Soviet Union, Afghanistan, the Congo, and other failed countries.

So why is he here, pushing it here?  

How do you defeat this seductive sort of celebrity-entertainer-driven invasion?

That part is easy, kids. Don’t watch or pay to attend their shows. Don’t pay to see their movies or play their CDs. Don’t go to their costly sports events.

Don’t give them ANY of your money. And – – in America – – they will dry up. They will crumble, and blow away, in the breeze.  

Goodbye, Sacha Cohen; goodbye, Madonna; goodbye, Cher; goodbye, The View; and, goodbye to every last evil, machinating liberal with their hand out for money..  

Goodbye and good riddance.

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