Here the media goes again

The media has a job to be journalists, and to report the news. Sadly, the push for ratings continues to lead the media to try and create controversies and to make news stories into soap operas. The police shooting of a 14-year-old-boy who was threatening fellow students with knives is a great example. Bob Owens explains

Let’s turn to the CBS News story Reno officer’s shooting of knife-wielding teen sparks debate to see how media hacks are attempting to turn a school resource officer’s very measured response to a violent student armed with two knives into a fake news scandal.

A school police officer in Nevada faces new questions about shooting a knife-wielding student.

Cellphone video captured the moment at Hug High School in Reno. Police said the teen ignored orders to drop a pair of knives and threatened other students. But there’s a debate over the use of force, reports CBS News correspondent Carter Evans.

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