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I’ve been working on a piece about how regular America actually get their news, and what is it that is important to them.

The first thing that comes to mind is border security. After all, that is the main plank that Donald Trump ran on in 2016. Only, what the pundits, politicos and pollsters missed from the beginning: Donald Trump did not sell this idea to the people, the people told Donald Trump this is what they want from their president.

This is why border security transcends “traditional politics” and moves into “existential politics” again a thing the political establishment misses altogether.

It is probably the only national news the vast majority of the American people pay attention to, and despite Media reporting that is largely anti-Wall support for the Wall continues to grow, now over 90% of Americans believe illegal immigration to a real problem.

If anything, anti-Wall sentiment by the Media has spurred this pro-Wall sentiment even among people who don’t follow news as you who are reading this do. They do read blogs. or go to the internet, Tweet or Facebook (unless it’s a grandbaby or cat), but jut driving to work in the morning or home in the evening they can’t avoid that News on the Fives, or top of the Hour Headlines, from the local radio station, and, despite all the evidence to the contrary local radio newsrooms have been convinced (or ordered) to believe that 1) negative news about Trump, 2) Trump shutting down the government over the Wall and 3) it’s Trump’s fault the government is what listeners need, not want to hear.

The same is true of daytime television, which is supposed to hold viewers until the Nightly network News comes on.

Ordinarily Americans would give very little thought to the federal government, or its being shut down, except when the government gives them pain. Tax time every years, only less this year, it seems. Obamacare was a major pain, and it took 6 years for those “ordinary Americans” to first throw out the Democrats from political power in Congress and then find and insert a hand-chosen leader to build that damned Wall among other things[…]

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