‘I Am A Proud Conservative Day’ – Taking Back The Republican Party

While the sycophantic ideologues in the mainstream media parrot the equally sycophantic ideologues on the hammer and sickle side of the blogosphere conservatives sent a message that should resonate loud and clear to the establishment crowd in Washington; we are not marginalized, we are not unpatriotic, we are not astro-turf, and we are conservative.

Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, Barack Obama, Stand Up Chuck, Barbara Boxer and Barney Frank like to refer to us as “mob” or “teabagger”, and that’s fine. In fact I hope they keep doing it. Nothing gets people to the polls faster than a bunch of out of touch extremists with their hands in your pocket and the removal of your freedom on their minds.

I was watching the delusional morons on TV talk about how last night’s GOP wins did not impact Obama one way or another. Oh no they say, it’s not a referendum of over reaching Democrat policies and initiatives, nope. It is a sign that far right extremists are taking over the party.

Uh, sure. If it makes libs feel better that their anointed one had to sit at home and watch an HBO documentary about himself instead of worrying about those “meaningless election results” then I feel better too. I am happy to see that these delusional morons keep kidding themselves because it only serves to spread the ignorance.

So keep it up. Keep calling us teabaggers, keep forcing socialism down the throats of a middle America that wants no part of it, keep bashing America from the pulpit both here and abroad, keep filling your cabinets with all the radical “ists” you want, communists, Maoists, eugenicists, socialists, Marxists and extremists. After all, we are mob. And this proud conservative is one of many that will join that mob on election day 2010.

As for you RINO’s out there, hope you are squirming. Conservative principles are not for sale, they are not for negotiation and they are not supposed to be taken for granted. Keep it up and you can share tea with Dede Scozzafava, Creigh Deeds, and Jon Corzine and tell all of them about your version of the big tent. Our big tent doesn’t have room for sellouts and back stabbers.

One last thing. Keep your hands off my health care AND STOP trying to indoctrinate our children!

Sincerely, a proud conservative Tea Party patriot on a vengeance to take back his party.

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