I don’t want Hillary to drop out of the race!

Rumors are circulating that the Democrats are frantically looking for a way to displace Hillary from the top of their ticket. That assumes, of course, that it’s even possible to do so at this late date, with states already having locked in the primary winners. The obvious people to fill Hillary’s spot are Joe Biden (feckless), Bernie Sanders (hypocritical), and Tim Kaine (a hard-Left nonentity), with Sanders being the only one who has some legitimacy, given his second place finish in the primaries. Sanders, because of his rabid base, and Biden and Kaine, because of their lack of scandals, all have the ability to defeat Trump.

What concerns me is that if the Democrats succeed in their machinations, Sanders, thanks to his rabid base, and Biden and Kaine, because of their lack of scandals, all have the ability to defeat Trump. Hillary, however, may forever have lost that ability — at least that’s what the prescient Scott Adams thinks. In addition, Hillary is hampered by the mounting evidence of Borgia-esque corruption and the constant threat that Wikileaks or some other entity will release embarrassing material.

Once I started thinking about Hillary replacements who may be more successful than Hillary, I arrived at a surprising conclusion: I no longer just want Hillary to lose; I want Trump to win. Having adjusted to Trump, and having seen his remarkably quick learning curve and his willingness to cater to hot-button conservative issues (e.g., Supreme Court, radical Islam, illegal immigration), I’m beginning to think that he might be a decent president.

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One of the main reasons I’m almost craving a Trump presidency is because of his catch-line on The Apprentice:

“You’re fired” — powerful words and words that career politicians avoid like the plague.

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