I No Longer Give A Crap Who Wins Or Does What To Who. And I Hope Any Republican Holdouts Get Facial Melanoma

Tom Arnold In HAWAII 5-0, 2010
Tom Arnold In HAWAII 5-0, 2010

Who Wins? Not You. Not Ever.

At this point, I just don’t care anymore who wins, loses, gets chased out of a restaurant, beaten up, killed with skateboards, shot playing baseball—or whatever.

I don’t care if they send in backup squads of screaming 18 year old ANTIFA pussies—an extermination of cockroaches and bedbugs waiting to happen.

I don’t give a damn. “Politics” is broken—if it ever really worked at all.

Anybody who still thinks Democrats “can be worked with,” or are “fair and reputable,” deserves what they will be getting. The same thing applies to so-called, holdout, “Republicans,” who have spines like diseased jellyfish and should just declare their Democratness.

Anybody who can’t stand up for themselves and kick ass if and when necessary deserves to get their own ass torn off and set on fire by “Hollywood,” the MSM, Tom Arnold, and Barbara Fricking Streisand.

There’s really nothing more for a serious blogger or writer to add; this is Dante’s Inferno come alive. It’s a Bosch painting of Hell. It’s what’s for dinner tonight.

Whatever it is that Human DNA dictates for the ending of this slasher story is just fine with me.

In the end DNA itself always wins. Even if it takes a million years.

Human DNA will win—Humanity will always win.

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