Ignoring Feinstein & Harris, Trump Nominates Three Conservative Judges to 9th Circuit and then some…


A few months back, President Donald J. Trump was trying to negotiate with Senators Dianne Feinstein and Kamala Harris regarding his potential judiciary nominees to the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals.  The hags did not approve of the President’s selection.

It is safe to assume that the President has chalked the recent yet memorable dog and pony show spearheaded by Feinstein, Harris and fellow  Marxists to block Brett Kavanaugh from becoming the next Supreme Court Justice a lesson learned.  Thus, any further discussions regarding nominees to the judiciary are off the table.

President Trump, on Wednesday, nominated three Conservative judges to the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals.  Progressives must be livid.  The Ninth Circuit does not adjudicate by law nor do they abide by the U. S. Constitution.  Their rulings, the majority of which are overturned by the Supreme Court are purely ideological.  These Marxist ideologues on the Ninth Circuit have for nearly two years repeatedly blocked the implementation of the President agenda.

Fox News by Adam Shaw

…the White House announced Wednesday that Trump had nominated Patrick Bumatay, Daniel Collins and Kenneth Kiyul Lee (all from the Golden State, and reportedly all members of the conservative Federalist Society) to the influential circuit. The court, with a sprawling purview representing nine Western states, has long been a thorn in the side of the Trump White House, with rulings against the travel ban and limits on funding to “sanctuary cities.”

GOP critics have branded the court the “Nutty 9th,” in part because many of its rulings have been overturned by the U.S. Supreme Court….

Feinstein and Harris reacted angrily to the news of the latest appointments. Feinstein said in a statement that she had been prepared to accept a reported White House proposal of three other judges. She said she opposed both Collins and Lee — who she said had failed to disclose his “controversial writings” on voting rights and affirmative action[…]

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Imagine Progressive heads exploding about now since Patrick Bumatay, if confirmed would become the second openly gay federal appeals court judge in the USA. It probably won’t bode well with Progressives who believe that they created the labels and, therefore, they own the people under them.

In the meantime, Feinstein and Harris are having hissyfits.


But nobody is listening.  Senate Majority Leader informed Chuck Schumer that if Progressives wanted to hit the campaign trail, they would first have to approve 15 of the President’s judges.  While Progressive constituents were shouting, “don’t even think about it”, greasy Chuck Schumer took the deal.

Politico by Burgess Everett

The calculation by Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer and his caucus was simple: That Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) would be able to confirm roughly 15 judges if he kept the Senate in session for the next few weeks anyway. So Democrats OK’d an offer to confirm three Circuit Court judges and 12 Circuit Court judges as the price to pay to go home for election season.

Under Senate rules, even if Democrats fought the nominees tooth and nail and forced the Senate to burn 30 hours of debate between each one, McConnell would have gotten them all confirmed by Nov. 1. Democrats could have conceivably left a skeleton crew of senators in Washington to force the GOP to take roll call votes on the judges over the next few weeks, although that tactic is not typically employed by the minority[…]

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