Why The ‘Indictment’ Has Me Laughing Out Loud

After two years and billions of dollars, we have the ‘indictment’ the Democrats and their trained seals in the media have been waiting for all these months. And here it is, solemnly being read by  Assistant AG Rod Rothenstein with all the pretentious faux drama he can muster up.

I actually had trouble controlling myself. The whole show made me laugh far more than most of what passes for comedy these days.

After all the time, money and man and woman power invested, after all the crazed conspiracy theories and the ridiculous fake news garbage, here’s what Mueller came up with.

1) Yes it was the Russians, we think. Russian intelligence agents hacked the servers of poor Hillary and her very own gargoyle, John Podesta.

My first thought, the one that started me laughing was ‘of course! We knew that already.’ Every major intelligence expert said the same thing once we found out that Hillary had an unprotected server in a freakin’ bathroom with classified intel on it. And that was before we even knew about Huma Abedin and the stuff she had on Anthony Weiner’s laptop. In fact, most of them aqreed that it wasn’t just the Russians, but the Chinese, the Iranians and who knows who else who hacked into Hillary server. And Podesta and the DNC? Well, when you have a moron who uses ‘Password’ as his password, what do you expect?

Even funnier, in order to actually conclude that it was the Russians in a way that will stand up in a court of law, the Famous But Incompetent would have had to actually examine those servers. But those were all wiped clean or destroyed a long time ago while they stood by and did nothing, remember? And what happens when the defense asks to examine those servers, as they’re legally allowed to do? The last time I checked, destroying evidence is a felony known as- wait for it – obstruction of justice. And colluding in something like that makes you an accessory.

2. These were Russian intelligence agents who worked for Russia’s Main Intelligence Directorate of the General Staff, also known as GRU. In other words, they worked for the Russian military.

And of course, this is something new and novel, right? No other country, including the U.S. ever, ever does anything like this, right? Please, my sides! And how exactly does Mueller prove this? Russia denies it, and these men aren’t going to appear in a court of law. Also, where’s the crime? Except in the corrupt activities of Mrs. Clinton and her stooges in breaking official U.S. State Department policy and endangering national security. Goodness, I wonder why she and Podesta and the rest of that crew haven’t been indicted, don’t you?

3. This was done to throw the election to Donald Trump. But, umm, er, we have to admit that no Trump campaign associates were involved in the hacking effort or that any Americans were knowingly in touch with Russian intelligence officers,. And umm, we also have to admit that no vote tallies were altered by hacking.

Really! Isn’t that supposed to be what all this horse manure was about from day one? And where’s the proof that this was done to throw the election to Donald Trump. Isn’t it more likely that the Russian intel agents just found an easy channel in Podesta and the Clintons and decided to exploit it? After all, didn’t Barack Hussein Obama himself say it’s impossible to pirate an American presidential election in that way?

The Kremlin denies it. Mueller is going to have to prove that electing President Trump was their goal. And why would that be? After all, Trump never sold them a huge chunk of our uranium or released classified U.S. missile defense intel and technology to the Russians. Why wouldn’t they want someone as easy to bribe and take advantage of as Hillary Clinton?

4. Well, we can’t really say Trump was behind this, but looky, looky! After Hillary illegally deleted 30,000 e-mail, the Eeeevil Trump said, “Russia, are you listening?I hope you’re able to find the 30,000 emails that are missing.” That was President Trump giving Russia the go -ahead, because even though the Russians had been doing this for months, right after that they made another attempt to hack into email accounts used by Clinton. That’s gotta prove something right? So we need months and months more of investigations on the public dime to try and, you know, try to link this to something, you know?

Unbelievable. Hillary Clinton commits a felony, Donald Trump comments on it during a campaign and makes a pithy, very appropriate point and he’s giving secret code to the Russian military? Bwah hah hah hah hah! This isn’t an ‘indictment’, it’s standup comedy.

Trump could have jokingly asked the Chinese or Iranians for the e-mails. It was obvious and well known that her illegal bathroom server had been hacked easily by anyone who wanted to do so. We only have Mueller’s biased word for this so called coincidence, and where’s the proof? Unless they manged to glom onto Hillary Clinton’s illegal server, there isn’t any. And if they did, then they have been illegally holding on to evidence with obvious national security implications to protect a Democrat presidential candidate in an election year and to stretch out a ridiculous non-investigation for political reasons.

Mueller has nothing except a few people guilty of what lawyers call ‘process crimes’ which means they told the FBI something in one interview and made a slight mistake and tried to correct it in a second one, which put them at the mercy of Famous But Incompetent. And of course, Mueller.

This whole ridiculous con game was supposed to find out one thing – did Russia intervene in an American presidential election and was there any collusion by the Trump campaign. They finally admitted there wasn’t in so many words, and they have no real way of proving Russia did intervene…although they have finally admitted that any possible Russian meddling made no real difference when it came to voting time. Some ‘indictment!’

Of course, what it was really designed to do was to mask the real intervention in the 2016 campaign, and that didn’t come from Moscow. It came from the Obama White House, using phony grounds for a bogus wiretapping, planting informants inside a presidential campaign from the opposition party, even paying for a totally fake dossier paid for as op research by the Clintons and the DNC.

Considering that our President is going to be meeting with Putin shortly and attempting to discuss important matters of mutual interest, the timing here is obvious. It keeps the scam going, and it knocks the testimony of corrupt FBI apparatchnik Peter Strzok out of the headlines for awhile.

What it also does, as our president himself has mentioned, is to make any kind of cooperation on mutual concerns we share with Russia and anything that might improve relations between our countries far more difficult. That’s the part of this that isn’t the least bit funny.

As far as I’m concerned that’s not just a violation of the Logan Act but deliberate sabotage of the foreign policy of a duly elected president. There’s a word for that.

It’s time this nonsense ended. Both Jeff Sessions and Rod Rothenstein need to be fired, and a new AG appointed to tell Mueller his gig’s over.

You know what? When I think about the furor over illegal migrants and I look at the way citizens like Mueller, Podesta and the Clintons have behaved, I’d happily show them the door in exchange for a decent, honest and hardworking handyman from Mexico or elsewhere willing to work and build his future here. Such citizens are far superior to bloodsucking jackals who have received everything from our beloved Republic and repaid it with self serving treachery and vile greed.


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