Is Barack Obama The Ultimate Weasel?

It is official, I’m declaring for all the world to see that I want President Barack Obama to Fail. When my President becomes the ultimate weasel he should fail. I felt the same way about President George Bush at times, and I feel the same way now.

Nobody should want any United States President to succeed on every agenda item he tries to pass. For me my President should fail when he tries to mirror the actions of Hugo Chavez. He should fail when he tries to implement the policies of anti-Semitic, anti-Christian bigots at the New York Times. He should fail when he seeks to negotiate with “moderate” terrorists (AKA – murderers, thugs and enemies of America that have killed many of our men women and children). He should fail when he plans to use tax payer money to bail out corporate entities that stand no chance of success because their business models suck. He should fail when he initiates a cap and trade system that will raise taxes on all Americans based on the false claims of idiot Global Warming activists. I don’t want my President to succeed when he declares that the war on terror is a failure when it isn’t. My President should fail when he cancels voucher programs that allows kids to seek better schools because the ones their government set up are failing them. My President should fail when he passes executive orders based on lies about Stem Cell research, lumping embryonic stem cell research into an exclusive category as if adult stem cell research isn’t every bit as promising, if not more promising, less risky and a perfectly viable moral alternative. These are all fail worthy offenses.

Americans should tell their President no, not in my name, when he acts like a dictator instead of a leader. We should hope for failure on each of these radical agenda items and every radical one that precedes or follows them. We are not obligated to stand by silently. We should do just the opposite. This is why we have the right to free speech.

I have little faith or hope for the kind of change being ushered in by a man whose administration spends its time plotting ways to attack private citizens for having different views. I have little hope that a man that appoints a tax cheat to run the treasury can be trusted to do the right thing on any other front. I have little faith or hope in a man that would use the power afforded him by the American people to steal money from successful people and redistribute it like candy to his next generation of voters. I want him to fail because he is failing us by acting like the ultimate weasel that we all knew he was.

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