It’s a Mad Mad Weasely World

Hello council fans. Christmas is quickly approaching our wintery wonderland and I couldn’t help but wonder where all the global warming went. Especially considering that I spent hours digging out from a Midwest snow storm that crippled the region. Yes, despite the fact that 2008 will be the coldest year since 1997 global warming aficionados are still whipping it up with the “yeah but’s”. In fact the next decade is projected to be colder and wetter than normal but that will give way to even warmer trends that are of course caused by man if we are to believe the soon to be carbon trading crowd.

It always seemed odd to me that the current cold spell is being characterized as a naturally occurring cyclical event while I am stretched to find the same people defining warming trends in the same light.

I make these observations in light of President elect Obama’s new energy secretary Steven Chu. If you want to know why the press is showing this guy with accolades you need to look past his Nobel prize winning research and read how he proposes a large tax for people wanting SUV’s based on the flimsy excuse of safety. In the article referenced Chu doesn’t actually address the issue of safety honestly, instead preferring to further the dated notion that SUV’s aren’t any safer than cars. But the safety of SUV’s has improved greatly since the NHTSA started including rollover ratings in their tests and manufacturers began putting crumple zones in SUV’s. A sweeping statement by Chu can only be viewed as liberal gobbledygook rather than a well qualified discussion based on many variables; something a scientist would know how to do quite well. Yes, some things never change, and the left will drag you out of your SUV one way or another.

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