Jesse Jackson Jr.’s Continued Workers’ Comp, SSDI Benefits

What is up with Jesse Jackson Jr.’s continued receipt of workers’ compensation and social security disability insurance?

Former Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr. never stopped gaming the system, whether it was during the investigation, trial and incarceration for misuse of $750,000 in campaign funds, Jackson has seen himself the victim and therefore entitled.

Jackson collects workers’ compensation and social security disability in the sum of $124,052 per year while his children, in their father’s name, receives SSDI “derivative benefits” totaling $14,400 per annum, all of which brings the Jackson’s gross income to $138,452.  Workers’ comp is tax-free while social security disability may not be.

Jackson who took an extended leave from Congress, began collecting the entitlements benefits entitlements back in 2012 after he was diagnosed with depression and bipolar disorder.  Coincidentally, the diagnosis and commencement of benefits began as the investigation into Jackson’s misuse of funds heated up.

Upon his release from prison, Jackson who is on parole, correction “supervised release” (parole) resumed collecting workers’ compensation and social security disability.

Jackson is in the middle of a divorce from his wife, Sandi Lee Jackson, who was also incarcerated for misuse of campaign funds. Unfortunate for hubby, divorces bring these little tidbits to the surface.

Speaking of which, there is a $45,000 per year partial pension that Jackson may be able to collect at the age of 65 but for now the convicted felon continues to rein in ten times more than most diagnosed with the same conditions.

Chicago Tribune

Records show that Jackson is collecting workers’ compensation at the top rate given a person with a temporary total disability.

The Federal Employees’ Compensation Act gives workers’ compensation benefits for disability ‘due to personal injury or disease sustained while in the performance of duty,’ the Labor Department said.

Schatz couldn’t explain how the former congressman’s job had caused his bipolar disorder and depression. ‘I can’t give you an explanation as to how and why,’ he said. ‘I can tell you that medical experts have diagnosed him, and as a result of the diagnosis, he is entitled to disability payments[…]

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What we have here is a crooked D.C. establishment aka ‘da swamp looking out for one of its own under the guise that Jackson is still being treated and medicated for bipolar disorder and depression.

The substantial benefits that Jackson is receiving has caught the attention of Rep. Rodney Davis, R-Ill. who believes that the law allowing Jackson to rake in the dollars after his misuse of campaign funds should be changed.

Sun-Times by Lynn Sweet

‘I believe if you’re a member of Congress and you are convicted of stealing campaign funds, you should not be eligible to receive workers’ compensation benefits. Members of Congress need to be good stewards of taxpayer money,’ Davis said.

‘We’re reviewing the process and possible legislative options to prevent the abuse of this program that is meant for honest-working taxpayers,’ he said.

All federal workers, including members of Congress, are eligible for workers’ comp, according to the law, if they suffer ‘from injuries sustained in performance of duty while in service to the United States.’

Because of health privacy laws, the public is not entitled to know what kind of job-related injury Jackson, 52, said he suffered on June 1, 2012[…]

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Playing the victim card, Jackson says that he is under attack from all sides.

According to Jackson, his soon to be ex-wife wants his whole disability check and the media does not believe that the convicted felon is deserving of it.

Chicago Tribune

Speaking to the media in Chicago for the first time since he and his wife were released from federal prison for looting his campaign fund, Jackson said he deserved the $138,400 a year in federal workers’ compensation and Social Security Disability Insurance payments he has been receiving since he quit Congress to deal with mental health issues.

‘I earned it,’ he said. ‘I still meet with professional counselors on a regular basis

No longer able to control the narrative, Jackson is attacking the media for doing its job. He does not want his children to learn of their parents’ sins while on line in a supermarket or their local 7-Eleven.

‘…Maybe if my name were not Jesse Jackson Jr. and maybe if I wasn’t your former representative in the Congress of the United States, maybe I could walk in and out of this building like other families who have this struggle and don’t have to read about it in the morning…I don’t get to run from it or hide from it because of who I am…’

Jesse Jackson Jr., his is a sense of entitlement along with the fact that his divorce attorney, Brendan Hammer, is on a fishing expedition in attempt to gather salacious details on Sandi Jackson and the company she may have kept.

All the while, an ethics committee is investigating Jackson’s receipt of social security disability insurance and workers’ compensation under the guise that the convicted felon became depressed and bipolar during roll call votes.

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