John McCain 1936-2018

John McCain, Senator from Arizona has passed away.

I could say many things about the late Senator and his actual record,  and they might be conceived as  both true and quite unpleasant.  But he is now facing a far more compassionate and true Judge, one who will do a far better job of it than I ever could. So I see no point in that.

Instead I will focus on something far more odious and disgraceful.

President Trump had no reason to honor the late Senator. Senator McCain not only opposed President Trump’s policies at every turn, but he was happy to polish his ego and vanity by saying and leaking things to the press he had no business doing.

And Senator McCain took great pleasure in being the deciding vote in preventing ObamaCare from being abolished.

However in response to his death, President Trump sent a simple and gracious message to his family with condolences, and ordered the flags on the White House flown at half mast.

And now we get to the truly odious and disgraceful part.

After this message of condolence, our president was viciously attacked by the Left.Here are some samples. I asterisked out some of the profanity,but Twitter didn’t. So much for ‘community standards’ :

Kathy Griffin: “Take his name out of your mouth you piece of sh*t. You maligned his military service while you did everything to avoid serving. You attacked him repeatedly while you knew he was dying. And you cozied up to Putin while he did everything he could to oppose him. F*ck You.”

Ron Perlman: to the current holder of the title potus, you’re not good enough to utter John McCain’s name. Not good enough. And definitely not American enough.

Cher: Wonder Who Wrote trump’s Generic Condolences

Moby: How dare you. You are the absolute worst kind of hypocrite.

Other comments consecrating John McCain as the Second coming and assaulting our president came from the likes of Morgan Freeman, Eric Holder, Tom Arnold, Jamie Lee Curtis, Stephen King, Reese Witherspoon, Whoopie Goldberg, Jeffrey Wright,  James L. Brooks and of course, Jimmy Kimmel among others. And of course, a whole slew of Democrat politicians like Chuck Schumer. For the sake of brevity and our own version of community standards, I’ve chosen not to reprint them all.

The New York Times referred to the late Senator John McCain in glowing terms as a war hero, a presidential contender and a political giant. The Washington Post did pretty much the same.

In a way, it’s almost comical.

Most of these people and the newspapers called John McCain the devil incarnate when he ran against Barack Hussein Obama in 2008.They called him a racist, a war monger, anti-gay, anti-Muslim, a shill for big business, you name it. They made fun of his age and mocked the physical difficulties he had due to his war wounds. They even made fun of his obvious dentures…dentures he got after the NVA knocked his teeth out in an ‘interrogation.’

Now, because it’s politically useful, and especially because he went over to their side of the fence and was a rabid enemy of President Trump who obstructed him at every opportunity,  they’re happy to make him a hero and castigate President Trump for sending a simple, decent message of condolence.

These people  are beneath contempt. Or as George Orwell would have put it,

‘What do you mean? We were never at war with East Asia!’

As ought to be obvious to anyone who isn’t deaf, dumb and blind, most of the Left and what Lenin correctly referred to as their useful idiots really have just one principle…any means to an end and power at all costs.

Of all the enemies our beloved Republic has faced throughout its history, they are the most dangerous because they are inside the gates.

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