John McCain Shafts The GOP Again To Kill Repeal Of ObamaCare

The Senate took a vote on what seems to be a fairly sensible premise. A ‘limited’ repeal of certain parts of ObamaCare that was done with the express purpose of allowing the Republicans in the senate to conference with Republicans in the house to try and craft a bill that could pass both houses. McConnell’s bill would only have done the following. It would have repealed the hateful ‘individual mandate’ which requires Americans to buy health insurance or pay stinging tax penalties.

It would have also extend a moratorium on the tax on medical-device makers through 2020 and increased the amount that individuals can contribute to health-savings accounts. The measure would also have defunded Planned Parenthood for one year. Just the basics.

Almost every Republican in the senate was on board with this solution. And then it was time to vote.

Susan Collins (Maine) and Lisa Murkowski (Alaska) were the first to vote no. One dirty secret both of them share isn’t being reported by the media. All you have to do is follow the money. Both Alaska and Maine are predominantly rural states. Both states have huge problems with opiate addiction and both have been passing the buck to the feds by by sending the bills to Medicaid, which is why they will fight tooth and nail to keep ObamaCare in place no matter what. West Virginia also falls in this category, but  Shelly Capito Moore was willing to vote for the repeal and the opportunity to work on a comprehensive solution. The other two simply weren’t. Of course the Democrats all voted to keep ObamaCare in place. So the vote was 49-50.

And up stepped John McCain. Had he voted yes, the bill would have passed with VP Mike Pence’s tie breaking vote. So of course, that’s what the senior senator from Arizona did, a singular act of unselfishness and common sense in his senate career.

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Bwah hah hah hah! This is John McCain we’re talking about, people. Of course I’m joking! Why would John McCain ever do anything like that? He voted no, of course, joining the Democrats. It ought to get him at least a couple of spots on the Sunday talk shows, and probably good press in Pravda-on-the-Hudson, CNN, MSNBC and the Washington Post. He will be worshiped like a god.

This is a senator responsible for a dismal failure known as McCain-Feingold, the man who called the corrupt, dishonest and immoral Teddy Kennedy ‘the Lion of the Senate.’ This was someone dumb enough to take Harry Reid at his word and fall right into his trap, allowing Reid to laugh in his face as the former Democrat majority leader broke his word and used the nuclear option to push through Obama appointed judges. Like his idol Ted Kennedy, Senator John McCain is someone who has always favored amnesty for illegal migrants and has done his best to stop any effort to defend our borders, to the delight of his chief backer, Univision. This is someone so egotistical and enamored of press coverage that he would cheerfully sell himself and shaft his own party at every turn, someone so clueless that he would shill for President Obama’s CIA funding of al Qaeda elements and what later morphed into ISIS.

So why would he change now? Why wouldn’t he take a turn in the spotlight in exchange for screwing over the American people, not to mention his own party? After all ,his ailments aren’t being covered by ObamaCare, but by a special health plan he pays very little for and ensures that the Senator will get the best treatment available. Why should he care about average Americans and their struggles in pay either sky high premiums or onerous tax levies?

At any rate, thanks to Senator McCain, ObamaCare is still in place. Well no, not entirely to be fair. After all, the Republican Party rode to control of the House and the Senate based on, among other things, promises to repeal the disaster ObamaCare has become. But it took a cretin like Senator McCain to revert to type and pull the trigger, preventing any kind of fix for now.

Even funnier, this is the guy the Republicans cheered for when he returned from the hospital to screw them yet again. Just look at these trained seals:

What happens next is anyone’s guess. DC is almost a page out of Dante’s Inferno in August, hot, humid and and torpid, a small dose of Hell. It would be a fitting fate if the Republicans were forced to give up their planned recess and actually stay on in town to actually do the people’s business.

Of course, Senator John McCain will likely not be among them. He needs to leave for his medical treatment. But I’m sure he’ll return, just in time to torpedo something else. He’s a genius when it comes to crapping in his own nest as well as everyone else’s. As the French would say, it’s his metier, his specialty.

After this fiasco, a lot more people are going to be open to the idea of a new party, a pro-Trump party containing the best elements of the old GOP and leaving the rest to rot. Texas Senator Ted Cruz had it right when he said that if the GOP bungled this opportunity, people would be coming for them with torches and pitchforks, and they’d deserve it.

It may end up being almost  that drastic.

Rob Miller

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