Judge Jeanine Fiery Opening Statement: “I fear for Lady Justice” – 09/22/2018

On Saturday night, Judge Jeanine Pirro in a fiery opening statement deconstructed Christine Blasey Ford’s allegations that she was raped by Brett Kavanugh in a year, date, time, place that she does not recollect.

The judge also laid out Judge Kavanaugh’s right to due process, the process of investigating such allegations and the rule of law which Progressive bureaucrats, the Communist media complex and Marxist organizations are trampling over to further their agenda.

Judge Jeanine, for the record, when on the bench handled such cases and is a champion for the “silent and forgotten victims of crime;” namely, domestic abuse and sex crimes of women, children.

The view from my perch in the window:

It is official Christine Blasey Ford is scheduled to testify Thursday morning at the Kavanaugh hearing in which she will try to convince Americans and the Senate Judiciary Committee that Judge Brett Kavanaugh allegedly raped her. Over the past week, the allegations have gone from attempted rape to rape by those pushing their resist Trump agenda in the court of public opinion.

Furthermore, every person listed as a witness by Christine Blasey Ford to have been present at the party in question or who Christine Blasey Ford informed of the alleged rape has contradicted the accuser claims.  Every witness has denied (a) being present at the gathering, (b) recollection of such a gathering, (c) knowledge of the rape alleged by Ford and/or (d) that they know Brett Kavanaugh.

This, of course, throws a wrench into claims levied by Christine Blasey Ford and further speaks to her credibility. Not only are her allegations questionable, they can neither be proven or disproven.  Ford does not recall the date, time, year, location, etc., etc., etc.  Throw in so-called witnesses who have refute the history of events as attested to by Ford and one begins to question the true agenda of Me-Too advocate, Christine Blasey Ford who as it appears has no qualms about wielding sexual assault as a weapon.

The truth has no agenda but the same cannot be said of the unhinged.

The truth has no agenda but the same cannot be said of the propaganda, lies and desperate attacks by Communists still unable to come to grips with their loss of power on November 9, 2016.

Thwarting the Kavanaugh confirmation even if it means destroying the man, his marriage, his family and the lives of his two innocent daughters, this is about re-taking the power lost. Should Judge Kavanaugh’s confirmation (God forbid) fall through, you can be certain that Communists smelling blood in the water will line up to take down whoever comes next.

Case in point, those representing Christine Blasey Ford are not doing so to achieve justice for the so-called aggrieved buttercup.  The agenda is to further muddy the waters of right and wrong.  The plot is to destroy President Trump’s legacy, hopes of getting re-elected in 2020 and agenda by taking a sledge hammer to Brett Kavanaugh’s Supreme Court confirmation and while they’re at it, the patriarchy, nuclear family, U. S. Constitution and Lady Justice.

October surprise?

The October surprise is a move by Communists to take back both Houses of Congress.  They must fail.

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